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Innovation key to solving global water challenges

Innovation key to solving global water challenges

“Water services represent one of the greatest challenges of the 21st century,” said John Tattersall, Black & Veatch’s new Global Director of Water Technology. He cites “growing scarcity, rapid urbanisation, climate change, tightening regulatory controls and environmental protection,” as key issues common to all water utilities and agencies around the world.

As the newly promoted leader of Black & Veatch’s water technology group Tattersall will head a 60+ cross-discipline global team of the most respected experts in the company’s water business. This brings together some of the best minds from around the world to share information and develop new, tailored approaches to suit client needs.

Providing a perspective on global water trends, he said, “We see a continuing tightening of water quality standards and a drive to meet tougher discharge limits.” Looking at wastewater he spoke of a paradigm shift away from sewage being viewed as a problem, to its recognition as an increasingly valuable resource.

“There is a huge desire within the industry to do more with less,” said Tattersall. “By reappraising wastewater treatment infrastructure we have the potential to engineer new sources of water, power and nutrients. This is an area where Black & Veatch excels with innovative, global treatment solutions.”

In the Middle East, Black & Veatch has been providing sustainable water solutions since 1922, and has capability and experience over the full water cycle.

John Abi-Hanna, Black & Veatch’s Business Development Director for Middle East Water said, “Black & Veatch is a world-leader in water industry engineering & construction, and has contributed to the implementation of over 20% of the world’s engineered water systems. Black & Veatch is not only a global leader in desalination and water reuse, but leads the wastewater industry in research, technologies and process enhancements.”

Project examples in the Middle East include a wastewater treatment plant in Cairo – Egypt, serving as the main treatment plant for the Greater Cairo Wastewater Project with an ultimate capacity of 3,000 mega litres per day.

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