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An increase in investments on Carrier Software by Huawei

  • Maurice Ma, President of Huawei Software Business Department,

An increase in investments on Carrier Software by Huawei

To strengthen its leadership in 5G business transformation, Huawei is increasing investment in carrier software as a strategy to support 5G business success.


In response to the advanced development of innovative 5G enterprise market applications such as AR maintenance, remote PLC, intelligent quality inspection, and drone monitoring Huawei has come up with this strategy. 5G will bring huge digitalization opportunities across a wide range of industries. Huawei has already cooperated with a number of industry verticals and is progressing towards success. 

“Now it is time to plan operation transformation and BSS (Business Support System) upgrades to achieve 5GtoB business success. According to our successful practices, Greenfield BSS transformation becomes a mature and feasible approach. Huawei will increase investment in carrier software and actively embrace 5G, cloud, and industry digitalization to help customers achieve business success.” said, Maurice Ma, President of Huawei Software Business Department, at the TM Forum Hard Talk event last week.

New 5G opportunities achieve phased success in strategic cooperation

In 2020, the annual 5G enterprise revenue of Chinese operators reached US$1 billion. In the 5G consumer domain, Chinese operators have incubated a large number of new 5G services, including AR/VR, 5G messaging, and 5G new calls, for example video ring back tones. Chinese operators have earned more than CNY3 billion (US$460 million) from the consumer sector as a result.

5G services are developing in multiple dimensions. The requirements of vertical industry services for network slicing, 5G private lines, and new diversified charging dimensions all pose great challenges to traditional BSS systems. The evolution of new generation BSS is therefore an important part of the success of 5G commercial operations. Recognizing this, Huawei will increase its investment in 5G BSS to maintain its leading position in the 5G field.

BSS Greenfield approach successful for telecom business transformation

In the past, carriers' IT transformation has been characterized by very long transformation periods, high risk, and unclear transformation values and outcomes. Following several years of research and extensive experience in the market, Huawei’s BSS Greenfield model has now become established as an effective way for carriers to transform their future business support system. The Greenfield highlights on accelerating the exit, high-value services, upgrade of legacy services, and simplifying the journey of transformation.

Huawei has committed to the Greenfield Business Transformation model. The vendor has built a Greenfield platform oriented to new services and is using the MVP (Minimal Viable Product) to attract users to the new platform without  migrating data or inheriting live network features.

Huawei has helped more than ten carriers achieve successful large-scale operation transformation projects in China, Asia Pacific and Latin America, and has incorporated successful experience from these projects into its product solutions and delivery service methodologies. In the period of accelerating 5G development, the Greenfield model will help more operators support 5GtoB service development and achieve business success.

Increasing investment in the carrier software for 5G services by Huawei

Cloudification, platformization, and openness of 5GtoB operation systems are essential capabilities to support future 5G service development. In addition, the Greenfield model has helped multiple projects to succeed in transformation. In the next five years, Huawei will increase its R&D investment in carrier software including 5G-oriented full stack BSS and to ensure its continued leadership in this domain.

 Huawei software, being one of the leading telecom provider, serves 3 billion subscribers worldwide and has ranked number one in software market share in Gartner Operation Technology reports for the last five consecutive years. Huawei ranks first in 3GPP standards regarding 5G monetization and is fully committed to helping operators unlock more business value in the 5G era.