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Huawei founder and CEO downplays the US ban at Davos 2020
Executive confident in Huawei’s future, speaks to government and business leaders during panel on "A Future Shaped by a Technology Arms Race"

Huawei founder and CEO Ren Zhengfei believes his organization has withstood the challenges posed by a US entity listing ban previous year, rising as a more desirable company and one committed to global cooperation. The CEO’s feedbacks were made around a panel session held at the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos, which began on January 21 under the theme "Stakeholders for a Cohesive and Sustainable World".

Zhengfei stated his organization has "basically stood the challenges" posed by the current US administration, which includes being placed on an export black list and focused on various fronts in recent months. “This year the US might further expand their campaign against Huawei, but I sense the influence in opposition to Huawei would not be very significant,” he said. “I am assured we can continue to exist future attacks.”

Zhengfei mentioned that Huawei has spent billions to prepare a “plan B,” which has allowed the enterprise to survive the US entity ban. “This year in 2020, since we already won experience from previous year and we got a more suitable team, I assume we are more confident that we can continue to exist even further attacks,” he added.

The executive’s comments come at a time when Huawei leadership estimates that its world sales revenue will have topped USD122 billion in 2019, an increase of roughly 18% year-on-year.

Speaking at Davos, the CEO also made noted of his respect for American organizations and championed global cooperation. "Huawei used to be an admirer of the US, we learned a lot from them. We hired dozens of American consulting companies to learn how to manipulate our business. The US ought to feel proud of [Huawei], they have the US management system exported and implemented. They are not overly concerned about Huawei and our role in the world."

Huawei was currently ranked fifth on the 2019 EU Industrial R&D Investment Scoreboard as one of the largest investors in research and improvement worldwide. As a result of its R&D investment focus, Huawei has been capable to lead the improvement of 5G technologies globally, and more than seven hundred cities and 228 Fortune Global 500 corporations have chosen Huawei as their digital transformation partner.




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