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How To Create A Facebook Business Page

How To Create A Facebook Business Page

For marketers all over the world, Facebook is the most popular social media network. Whatever your marketing objectives are, Facebook must be a part of your plan.

It's critical to understand not only how to set up a Facebook Business Page but also how to properly use it to market your business. We've put up a step-by-step guide on creating and designing a professional Facebook page, as well as tips on how to use it to develop your brand by engaging with your Facebook audience.

So, if you haven't already, join your personal account and begin the Page creation process. Also, if you want to learn how to create a business page, we recommend the best-registered agent service.

1. Create A Facebook Business Page 

Because Facebook business pages are made using a personal Facebook account, you'll need to sign in first. Find and click the "Create" button on the right-hand side of the blue toolbar.

After clicking "Create," a drop-down menu will display. To build your Facebook Business Page, choose the first option, "Page."

You'll be able to choose between two-page types: "Business or Brand" and "Community or Public Figure." The majority of for-profit companies will choose to go with Business or Brand.

2. Fill Up The Blanks With Your Basic Business Info

After you've chosen Business or Brand, you'll be prompted to name your page and put it into a category. Remember that while you can modify your category later, your page name is permanent.

What other fields you'll need to fill in will be determined by the category you choose. If you choose Restaurant, for example, you'll provide the address and phone numbers for your location(s) as well as your business hours.

3. Upload A Profile Photo And A Cover Photo

Next, select a photo to use as the profile picture for your business page. Businesses frequently use their logo as a profile pic, but any photo that reflects your company and its identity would suffice. Make certain that your picture is clear and not clipped.

Consider adding a cover photo next. Similar to your personal Facebook account, a cover photo is the backdrop image that displays on your Facebook Business Page. Your cover photo should be pleasant to the eye and indicate your company. At least 400 pixels in width by 150 pixels tall is required for your cover photo. You may get a list of Facebook page layouts for your small business on our website.

4. Connect Your Business With WhatsApp (Optional)

A pop-up box will appear when you click Save, asking if you wish to link your organization to WhatsApp. This is optional. However, it allows you to include a WhatsApp button on your page or send users to WhatsApp using Facebook ads.

Click Send Code if you wish to link your business to WhatsApp. Close the window if you don't want to connect to WhatsApp. Another pop-up box will appear, asking whether you're sure. We'll hit Leave for now because we're skipping this.

5. Include Any Other Information About Your Business

Find and pick "About" from the left-hand menu. This is where you will provide information about your company, such as how to contact you and your items or menu. Fill in all relevant details, such as your website, business hours, and contact information.

Given Facebook's domain authority, it's fairly uncommon for a company's Facebook page to rank better in organic search than their website. Keeping this in mind, it's critical to fill out all of the information since it could be a potential customer's initial point of contact with your company.

6. Make A Button For Your Website

After you've entered all your critical information into your Facebook business page. You'll want to add a button to it, which will display underneath your cover photo in the upper right-hand corner. This serves as a free call-to-action (CTA) for your Facebook page. Including one that is relevant to your company will help you get more leads and, as a result, increase revenue. To do so, go to the left-hand side of your page and click the blue "+ Add a Button" option below your cover image.


A Facebook Business Page, is a free way for businesses to promote their brand and create revenue on the social media platform. Although it is simple to learn how to construct a basic Facebook Business Page, optimizing your page and managing it on a regular basis can be difficult.