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Honeywell Showcases Support For Chinese Aviation Industry At Airshow China 2014

Honeywell Showcases Support For Chinese Aviation Industry At Airshow China 2014

Honeywell Aerospace (NYSE: HON) will display its cutting-edge technologies at the upcoming China International Aviation & Aerospace Exhibition in Zhuhai on Nov. 11‒16, 2014, at its booth C3-2 in the Airshow China Exhibition Center. 2014 is the 10th anniversary of Airshow China and it also marks the centennial of Honeywell Aerospace.

In the last 100 years, Honeywell has helped to write aviation history with its innovation, and will bring some of its latest products and service offerings to Airshow China. These include advanced connectivity solutions, IntuVue 3-D weather radar and leading air traffic management (ATM) technology, which includes SmartPath ground-based augmentation system (GBAS), SmartRunway and SmartLanding. In addition, Honeywell’s fuel-efficient green TPE331 and LTS101 engines will be on display. These products are essential to modern-day flight.

“China is expected to become the world’s largest aviation market in the next 20 years. As trends such as the emergence of low-cost carriers, increased international routes and demand for new aircraft all point to continued growth, Honeywell has centered itself as a key partner, supplier and innovator for the Chinese aviation industry,” said Briand Greer, president, Asia Pacific, Honeywell Aerospace. “We have built a strong long-term focus in China, allowing us to work with some of China’s biggest aviation players, such as COMAC, AVIC and the CAAC. With our expertise in enhancing flight safety and efficiency, we are looking forward to playing a central role in advancing air travel both in China and around the world.”

Honeywell’s history in China goes back nearly 80 years. For Honeywell Aerospace, working with nearly all major Chinese airlines including China Eastern Airlines, Air China, China Southern Airlines and Hainan Airlines allows the company to understand what technologies are necessary to allow the region to continue its growth trajectory.

Earlier in 2014, Honeywell Aerospace signed a memorandum of understanding with Air China to begin testing the GX Ka-band connectivity solution on the airline’s A330 aircraft in the second quarter of 2015. With GX Aviation’s unprecedented speed and bandwidth, Air China will be one step closer to providing customers with a home- and office-like wireless connectivity experience — even at 40,000 feet.

Honeywell products and services on display at Airshow China 2014 include the following:
•Connectivity solutions: Honeywell has a broad portfolio of satellite communication products and services that enable flight safety, crew and passenger productivity and passenger entertainment. GX Aviation, Honeywell’s latest program with Inmarsat, will offer the fastest global, most consistent wireless connectivity coverage for airlines and passengers.
• IntuVue 3-D Weather Radar: Honeywell’s 3-D display and analysis tools provide pilots with critical and accurate information, so they can make the most informed decisions when flying in extreme weather. This system is available as an upgrade to many existing weather radar-equipped aircraft.
• SmartPath GBAS: Honeywell’s system provides over 26 simultaneous precision approaches across four runways and allows an aircraft with precision Global Positioning System (GPS) data to fly either complex or straight-in approaches to help reduce overall fuel burn and limit unnecessary flight delays. Shanghai Pudong International Airport is testing GBAS in preparation to become a regional hub for air travel.
•SmartRunway and SmartLanding: They provide timely aural and visual warnings during taxi, takeoff and landing that increase situational awareness and reduce the risk of runway excursions, which account for about 95 percent of all runway-related accidents.
•TPE331 series turboprop engine: This engine is designed for regional airline, agricultural and general aviation aircraft. TPE331 provides quick throttle response for shorter takeoffs, good power-to-weight ratio and long maintenance intervals. It is one of the most reliable and proven turboprop engines, with more than 13,000 of them delivered to date and more than 116 million hours of flight time.
•LTS101 engine: This engine is a turboshaft propulsion engine, currently on the Avicopter AC311. It offers 7 percent more takeoff power, up to 10 percent lower specific fuel consumption and greater than 30 percent lower operating costs. Honeywell has achieved new thresholds of engine reliability with the LTS101, reducing the in-flight shutdown rate by more than 85 percent. Honeywell has been a key partner in providing systems to Avicopter since 2010.

Beginning Nov. 11 and running throughout the week of Airshow China 2014, Honeywell Aerospace will highlight key news, features and multimedia on its website (http://aerospace.honeywell.com) and social media channels.