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History Of Dubai in Brief

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a union of 7 states, called Emirates. Among these states, and perhaps the most modern, is Dubai. Some documents actually show that Dubai has actually been in presence for concerning one-and-a-half centuries before the UAE was formed.

There are very few accounts of the culture that dominated in the southeastern part of the Arabian peninsula prior to the time of Islam. The evidences and accounts collected until now have been adequate in the meantime to make some headway in mapping back the background of Dubai.

The discovery, for example, of some material traces of an old mangrove overload (approximated at 70 centuries) during the laying of the drain lines near the Dubai Internet City on Sheikh Zayed Roadway resulted in the conclusion that the area had been buried by sand some fifty centuries ago as the coastline receded inland. This has currently come to be a part of Dubai's present coast.

Some documents show that much of the old locations because southeastern part of the Arabian peninsula acted as trading facilities in between the East and the West. Prior to the time of Islam, the region was dominated by the Azd (a pre-Islamic Arabian tribe). The Azd venerated Bajar, a minor divine being.

During that period, 2 powers lorded it over the region. These are the Byzantine (Eastern Roman) and the Sassanid (Persian) realms. The last controlled a big part of the region.

When a lot of the region was transformed to Islam, the Umayyad Caliphate took control of the region from the Sassanids. The Dubai Museum took on excavations approximately Jumeirah and uncovered a variety of material proofs thought to be from the period of the Umayyads.

Right here are some of the earliest documents that referred Dubai:

- The "Book of Geography" by the historian Abu Abdullah Al-Bakri;

- Gaspero Balbi, an Italian traveler in the 16th century, was said to have actually gone to the area in 1580, describing it as "Dibei," and mentioned it for its pearling industry;

- It was only after 1799 when documented documents of Dubai came into existence.

Various other historic documents suggest that Dubai was established by the Al Abu Falasa lineage of Banu Yas clan in the very early 19th century. Until 1833, Dubai was a dependent of Abu Dhabi (currently one of the 7 states and the capital of UAE). The sheikh of Dubai, together with the various other sheikhs of the region, authorized the "General Maritime Treaty" with the federal government of Britain on January 8, 1820. Thirteen years later, the Al Maktoum dynasty (likewise a lineage of the Banu Yas clan) left Abu Dhabi and took control of Dubai from the Al Abu Falasa clan.

Through the "Exclusive Agreement of 1892," the United Kingdom positioned Dubai under its protection, agreeing to protect it versus possible invasion by the Footrest Empire.

Today, Dubai is a vibrant city including huge construction jobs. It has actually come to be a favored vacationer destination and a strong trading center worldwide. Yet regardless of this transformation to modernity, Dubai has kept its rich Islamic culture




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