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Rare surgery performed on woman suffering from cervical dysgenesis by the University Hospital Sharjah

The University Hospital of Sharjah (UHS) has created history after performing a critical surgery successfully on a female patient who is in her 30s. The patient was suffering from congenital cervical stenosis, a condition characterized by a completely blocked cervix with severe pain and irregular menstrual cycle. Her laboratory tests and X-r...

(99977) | Pub: 04/12/2021
Malaffi Infographic

95% of Abu Dhabi based hospitals are now connected to Malaffi as announced by the Department of Health

  95% of all hospitals within Abu Dhabi that use Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) are now…

(99879) | Pub: 2021-04-06

Professor of Surgery Dr Ali AL Dameh and colleague Dr Imran Al Haq

American Hospital Dubai, successfully conducted Risky Whipple procedure

  The American Hospital Dubai in 2nd, March 2021 performs a rare Whipple procedure  which saved…

(99854) | Pub: 2021-04-04
  Saudi German Hospital

Along with the annual staff and partners event, Saudi German Health celebrates their transformation

Saudi German Health celebrated their transformation and launched its new brand in a hybrid event,…

(99801) | Pub: 2021-03-31
Valiant Clinic & Hospital

To utilize the key specialties under Centre of Excellence, Valiant Clinic and Hospital boosts its expansion in 2021

Valiant Clinic and Hospital announced that it has boosted up its health services in the key…

(99748) | Pub: 2021-03-27

Global Immunization Possible by 2022 With Fair Vaccine Distribution, says WHO COVID-19 Special Envoy

The World Government Summit Dialogues saw world leaders outline solutions to humanity’s most urgent…

(99539) | Pub: 2021-03-12

Global Village breaks 16th Guinness World Records™ title in support of the UAE National Vaccination program

Global Village, the UAE and wider region's prominent multicultural family destination for culture,…

(99421) | Pub: 2021-03-04

Launch of Ayur Sathya Ayurvedic Herbal Trading Karama, Dubai, UAE

Under the leadership of renowned Ayurvedic doctor, Dr. Sathya, Ayur Sathya Ayurveda Herbal Trading…

(98112) | Pub: 2020-12-10

Saudi German Hospitals Group boosts medical expertise through new and unique services

Saudi German Hospitals (SGH) Group, one of the biggest private hospital groups in the Middle East…

(97866) | Pub: 2020-11-24

UAE businesses advised to follow WHO legionella guidelines to avoid health risks

UAE businesses are being advised by water experts to observe World Health Organisation (WHO)…

(97864) | Pub: 2020-11-24

‘Expert Talk Show’ webinar series features ‘4 Hacks to Your Healthy Future’

Following the constant success of the ‘Experts Talk Show,’ which has fascinated thousands of…

(97800) | Pub: 2020-11-19

Burj Khalifa Shines in Pink in Biggest Worldwide Visual Campaign for Breast Cancer Awareness.

To spread the strong message of Pink October 2020, and strengthen the fight against breast cancer,…

(97433) | Pub: 2020-10-25

Child psychologists Warn Parents of the dangers of screen time addition. Here are 8 ways to identify it.

Dr Mona Ibrahim Youssri, a leading child psychologist in the UAE, has notified of the adverse…

(96340) | Pub: 2020-08-13

Favipiravir Medication Supports the Middle East in Fighting COVID-19

According to the news on June 29 from Middle East News Agency (MENA), Favipiravir, the popular drug…

(96327) | Pub: 2020-08-13

Dubai Health Experience explores new trends in health tourism post-COVID-19

In collaboration with Dubai Health Experience (DXH) and Knight Frank, the Health Tourism Department…

(96317) | Pub: 2020-08-12

BinSina Pharmacy Celebrates 55 th Anniversary in the UAE.

This month, BinSina Pharmacy-Dubai’s first-ever licensed pharmacy commemorates 55 years of its…

(96247) | Pub: 2020-08-08

Clinical Trial Demonstrates Positive Top-Line Results in Reducing the Risk for Cardiovascular Death or Hospitalisation due to Heart Failure

Boehringer Ingelheim - one of the world's leading pharmaceutical companies have announced positive…

(96179) | Pub: 2020-08-04