The First 1000 Days of Life: Why Small Lungs and Brains Need Clean Air

The first 1000 days focus more on child nutrition and more on the cause: Children with good nutrition are ten times more likely to overcome life-threatening childhood illnesses and finish at least four grades in school. However, what is known to some is that access to clean air, or lack thereof, is fundamental to the development of the child, physi...

(90591) | Pub: 10/21/2019

Kuwait Images Diagnostic Center was first in the introduced region GE Healthcare's AI-based MRI solution Diagnosis of heart disease

• Approved for use in Kuwait, Introducing Advanced Solutions in Kuwait sets Images Diagnostic…

(90485) | Pub: 2019-10-17

Landmark Group's Beat Diabetes Walk Proceeds for its 11th edition

• Beat Diabetes 2019 is set to take place at Dubai Zabeel Park on Friday, November 15, 2019, with…

(90459) | Pub: 2019-10-16

American Hospital Dubai first received the AlUM Ultrasound Training Official Approval

American Hospital Dubai, part of Mohamed & Obeid Al Mulla Group, One of the foremost pioneers…

(90299) | Pub: 2019-10-10

Anti-aging unit of CosmeSurge will soon get launch

CosmeSurge will soon open an anti-aging unit to preserve and promote the well-being, health and…

(89939) | Pub: 2019-09-20

10thClinic of iCARE gets launched in UAE

iCARE Clinics, an Emirates Healthcare Company one of the major healthcare suppliers in the region,…

(89920) | Pub: 2019-09-19

“Child’s exposure to inappropriate online content worries the UAE Parents” – reveals YouGov research

More than three-quarters of parents in the UAE (78%) are stressed over their child’s exposure to…

(89663) | Pub: 2019-09-05

Appendicitis: How it could turn itself into life-threatening case

Appendix is a tube-shaped organ situated in the right-side lower abdomen, any intention in it is…

(89544) | Pub: 2019-08-29

The CORE certification was received by Emirates Hospital- Jumeirah, among five hospitals in the region

Emirates Hospital – Jumeirah was recently awarded the Collaboration of Organized and Recognized…

(89439) | Pub: 2019-08-24

Two Years of Infertility Battle come to an end, Couple Is Now 12 Weeks Pregnant

Fakih IVF Center, one of the leading infertility centers in the GCC region, has once again helped a…

(89437) | Pub: 2019-08-24

Interventional Cardiologist successfully performs a rare Carotid Stent

Amna, a 43-year-old female began encountering poor vision in her right eye a few weeks prior to…

(89356) | Pub: 2019-08-20

A joint initiative made by Nahdi and Ministry of Health to offer the Medical Hope Convoy for pilgrims

As part of its Social Sustainability program and yearly initiative to serve pilgrims, Nahdi Medical…

(89277) | Pub: 2019-08-14
Abdali Medical Center open its door for Optimal Patient Care

With the recent technologies of Hospital management system, Abdali Medical Center open its door for Optimal Patient Care

The new state-of-the-art hospital, Abdali Medical Center, is set to open its way for patients in…

(89176) | Pub: 2019-08-06

The donation chance gets increased by the introduction of Sadaqah Jariyah to its global Refugee Zakat Fund, says UNHCR

UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency has declared the introduction of its ability to receive Sadaqah…

(89167) | Pub: 2019-08-06

Liv sets out plan through customers for donating Dubai Cares

UAE-based global philanthropic organisation Dubai Cares, got a donation of AED 50,000 by Liv., the…

(88726) | Pub: 2019-07-16

Zulekha Hospital launches home care services

Dubai medical tourism is firming up its presence by expanding its range of services to offer the…

(88485) | Pub: 2019-07-01

Saudi German Hospitals Group signs new partnership with Careem for the benefit of patients

Saudi German Hospitals (SGH) Group has revealed the signing of a new strategic partnership contract…

(88482) | Pub: 2019-06-30