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Hampshire hay fever rescue at four seasons hotel hampshire

Hampshire hay fever rescue at four seasons hotel hampshire

April 2014: With the first signs of spring come the first debilitating symptoms associated with the hay fever season. Suffering from severe hay fever herself, Senior Director Maria Herrera of The Spa at Four Seasons Hotel Hampshire has been driven to create a bespoke treatment that offers relief from the discomforts suffered by so many.

Taking inspiration from the Sodashi skin care range that forms the basis for this calming facial, Maria has also incorporated elements such as calendula and rosehip oil, known for their anti-inflammatory properties. The result is the Hampshire Hay Fever Rescue Facial that will take the body on a journey of total renewal.

Devised to be used either as a preventative to help boost immunity in the run up to when pollen levels peak or to treat the symptoms themselves when they occur, the therapy enables guests to deeply relax and enjoy Sodashi’s aromatic calming facial.

Cold eye compresses and a light lymph drainage massage combined with acupressure will both soothe and decongest, while the ingredients in the products will work their magic to reduce inflammation and soothe both itchy eyes and skin.

The Hampshire Hay Fever Rescue Facial at Four Seasons Hotel Hampshire is available from April 18 to September 30, 2014 priced at GBP 105.00 for 60 minutes duration and includes:
• Welcome Hay Fever Rescue Smoothie containing kiwi, pineapple and ginger
• Consultation with an Ayurvedic trained therapist who will educate how best to avoid triggers and build the immune system
• Hay Fever Rescue Facial using Sodashi skincare and three key ingredients: calendula, centella asiatica and rosehip oil

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