Hamdan Bin Mohammed Smart University Honors ‘Innovative Emirati Programmer’ Graduates

Hamdan Bin Mohammed Smart University Honors ‘Innovative Emirati Programmer’ Graduates
15 May 2018 -
  • Hamdan Bin Mohammed Smart University Honors ‘Innovative Emirati Programmer’ Graduates
    Hamdan Bin Mohammed Smart University Honors ‘Innovative Emirati Programmer’ Graduates Hamdan Bin Mohammed Smart University Honors ‘Innovative Emirati Programmer’ Graduates

The Emirates Talent Association, together with Hamdan Bin Mohammed Smart University (HBMSU), recently hosted the college graduation ceremony for 2018 trainees, including the awarding of winners of the Hackathon competitors. The 'Em irati Designer' is a vital program, being the initial nationwide campaign of its kind in the UAE that qualifies young nationwide talents which showcases innovativeness and excellence in programs. Top-level authorities and choice makers, consisting of a delegation from the Ministry of Community Development attended the ceremony.

The 2nd session of the 'Emirati Programmer 2018' experienced the involvement of 145 skilled trainees, including 42 students from ‘Artificial Intelligence’ that also completed the initial session of coding program, in addition to a brand-new set of 103 pupils in the area of video games & applications programs. Twelve students got to the finals in the Hackathon, which strongly enhanced the Emirati skills joining the global competition in programming and Artificial Intelligence, targeted at placing the UAE among the most effective worldwide. The competition is a major step in the direction of developing a generation of students furnished with education innovation tools targeted at leading the nation in creating and exploring the future in line with the demands of the 21st century.

Four winners earned the title ‘Innovative Emirati Programmer’, that additionally won the gold medal in the four major groups specifically Artificial Intelligence’, ‘Games Development’, ‘Programming Robots’, and ‘Applications Development’. The winners were revealed after the final round of the competitors.

The winners were chosen by a worldwide court panel led by experts from Microsoft, Google and Apple, along with a jury from the government field represented by famous numbers from Dubai Police, Community Development Authority, Roadways and Move Authority and Dubai Health Authority. The pupils' jobs were based on certain requirements, consisting of the capability to connect creative shows and expert system' to the UAE's national trends and initiatives, especially in the advancement of an affordable knowledge and innovation-based economy.

The event consisted of honoring the winners in 'Games Development' - (Kudo) category, granting the gold medal to Aliaa Hareb Lahdad in the 7-10 age and Rawda Abdullah Al Medhani from the 11-15 age; while the silver medal was granted to every of Khalifa Sohail Al Zarouni in the 7-10 age group and Sultan Sohail Al Zarouni from the 11-15 age. Reem Khalid Al Shamsi in the 7-10 age was granted the bronze medal with Salman Al Aboudi from the 11-15 age group.

Rashed Ayoub Al Awadhi, 7-10 years old and Fahd Ayoub Al Awadhi from the 11-15 age group, won the first place and a gold medal in the category 'Artificial Intelligence' -( Cosmo) group. The silver medal was awarded to Wad Hamad Al Awar in the 7-10 age and Abdullah Khalid Al Ali from the age group 11-15 years. Bronze medals were awarded to Sarah Saeed Al Awar from 7-10 years, 15 years.

In the Robot Programming classification, Ozobot, Shahab Al Amiri of 7-10 years age and Mariam Saeed Al Awadi of 11-15 years age group were bestowed the gold medal. Ahmed Saeed Al-Awadhi from 11-15 years of ages age group won the silver medal. The bronze medal was offered to Lamia Younis Al Zarouni 7-10 years and Fatima Abdulrahman Al Zarouni 11-15 years.

The graduation ceremony likewise recognized the winners in the group of 'Application Development' - (Bloxmob) group, which was won by Ghala Abdul Aziz Al Mazmi from 7-10 years age, Saif Hussein Al Jaziri from 7-10 years age and Obaied Amer Al Mulla from 11-15 years age group who all won the gold medal. The silver medal was granted by Mahir Hareb to Haddad from 11-15 years. The bronze medal was taken by Ibrahim Ahmed Al-Bishr from 7-10 years and Salim Ali Al Shehhi from 11-15 years age group.

H.E. Lieutenant-General Dhahi Khalfan Tamim, Deputy Chairman of Police and General Security in Dubai, and Chairman the HBMSU's University's Board of Governors, and Chairman of Emirates Talent Association, revealed his pride and recognition for the young creatives that verified again that they can make the trust fund of individuals and the wise leadership of UAE in building a prosperous future based on their capabilities. This is mirrored in the statement of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, who claimed that "young people are the strength of nations and the wish to build a better tomorrow". He highlighted the relevance of the gratifying partnership between the Emirates Ability Association and HBMSU, which paves the way for the graduation of a generation outfitted with scientific research, knowledge and ability to add to nationwide development and improvement based on solid structures of AI and programs, which will certainly be the keystone of services, key industries and future infrastructure. He added: "The success of the Emirati Programmer is a strong presentation of our dedication to furnish our nationwide personnels with total abilities aimed at accelerating our shift to a knowledge-based and competitive economic climate, which has been the major method adopted by our country to develop a lasting future for the here and now and future generations."

Dr. Mansoor Al Awar, Chancellor of Hamdan Bin Mohammed Smart University (HBMSU), said: "We are happy to honor the success of a group of young talents who will sign up with various other innovative minds in continuing the banner of excellence in shaping the future of the country. H.H. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai explained the future, not as 'awaited', yet 'as we make it'. Recognizing the 'Emirati Programmer' is testament to the determination of the UAE youth to empower themselves by getting knowledge, technological skills and a culture of innovation, maximizing the devices of the modern age to convert the vision of UAE 2021 for making this country the very best in the world.”

Al Awar included: "We are delighted to play a huge part in nurturing the abilities of young people and assisting them to be the pillars of an affordable, knowledge-based economy. We value the solid partnership in between the Emirates Ability Organization and HBMSU, which repeats its dedication to purchase the young people as they are the hope of the present and the assurance of tomorrow and it is with excellent pride that we witness today the 42 gifted grads in Expert system, which is the future and the new keystone of the country's development, according to the 'Em irates Artificial Intelligence Strategy,' a project within the UAE Centennial 2071 framework. We are optimistic that the future versions of the 'Em irati Developer' and the 'Hackathon Competitors' will continue to hone the abilities and creative thinking of the young people which will substantially add to the transformation of the UAE culture to end up being among the top 10 innovative countries in the world by 2021."

The students presented their applications and tasks and the phases of advancement prior to the target market at the ‘Emirati Programmer Expo’ after the awarding event. The Hackathon competitors witnessed the involvement of Union Cooperation as the Emirati Program Enroller, Binghatti Developers and Saffron Hospitality as Gold Enrollers, Gemini Home Developers as Silver Sponsor and Workshop Zabeel as Media Sponsor.