GITEX Technology Week 2018: Smart Dubai Highlights Dubai Data Establishment’s Projects and Initiatives

GITEX Technology Week 2018: Smart Dubai Highlights Dubai Data Establishment’s Projects and Initiatives
16 October 2018 -
  •  GITEX Technology Week 2018: Smart Dubai Highlights  Dubai Data Establishment’s Projects and Initiatives
    GITEX Technology Week 2018: Smart Dubai Highlights Dubai Data Establishment’s Projects and Initiatives  GITEX Technology Week 2018: Smart Dubai Highlights Dubai Data Establishment’s Projects and Initiatives

Smart Dubai is showcasing the Dubai Data Establishment’s most current growths at its structure during GITEX Technology Week 2018, occurring at the Dubai World Profession Centre on October 14-18, 2018.

The Dubai Information Facility is accountable to determine, prioritise, classify and extract data from throughout Dubai Government, sharing them on the electronic backbone of Dubai, Dubai Pulse. These datasets are after that made use of to obtain insights by governments, organisations as well as individuals, assisting them make more enlightened and smarter decisions, stimulating a Data Economiy in Dubai.

His Excellency Younus Al Nasser, Assistant Director General of Smart Dubai, CEO of the Dubai Data Establishment, insisted that Smart Dubai has made fantastic progression in recognizing, handling and also extracting data from Dubai federal government entities-- the keystone of all wise city jobs - resulting in a terrific achievement with the first-ever Record on Information Plan Compliance Amongst Government Entities.

" Our smart leadership has established an enthusiastic vision for a thriving future where Dubai thinks a top worldwide setting among clever cities, becoming, really, the globe's happiest and most intelligent city worldwide," H.E. Al Nasser added. "Information is the perfect method to attain this passion, and also this asks for partnership and also harmony among all appropriate public and private sector authorities to inhabit the Dubai Pulse system, which houses Dubai's city data and assists in information exchange and also classification among Dubai Federal government entities."

Data Policies

Smart Dubai will likewise be showcasing the latest developments in regards to the Dubai Information Plans, launched at the beginning of the year in partnership with the Supreme Legislation Committee in an effort to manage the posting as well as exchange of data as a main part of Dubai's digital wealth, and also maximise the favorable financial influence of information. The Dubai Information Plans outline a set of provisions for the category, publishing, exchange, use and reuse of data.

According to a special report released by Dubai Information in 2015, the opening and also sharing of federal government as well as private-sector information will potentially include a total amount of AED10.4 billion Gross Worth Included (GVA) impact to Dubai's economic situation annually by 2021. Opening up government data alone will certainly result in a GVA influence of AED6.6 billion every year since 2021.

Data Policy Conformity

Smart Dubai additionally highlighted the latest results of the Report on Data Policy Compliance Among Government Entities, which gauges development made in terms of managing and simplifying the exchange of information. The report was launched in Might 2018, highlighting the different getting involved entities' efforts to occupy the Dubai Pulse platform with their data.

The report looks for to incentivise Federal government entities to commit to identifying their information as well as populating the Dubai Pulse system, which, subsequently, assists make sure the Dubai Federal government is prepared to accept Fourth-Industrial-Revolution modern technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and also the Internet of Things (IoT).

Furthermore, Smart Dubai organised workshops to implement a technique and plan to involve the private sector in the Dubai Data Initiative, as well as to urge the economic sector in Dubai to take part in the data economic situation, in a way that makes sure common benefit as well as enhances solutions and smart-city experiences.

Smart Dubai is also operating in partnership with the Mohammed bin Rashid College of Federal Government (MBRSG) to develop the abilities and understanding of information groups across numerous Federal government entities as well as present them to worldwide finest method in the field through the Dubai Data Compliance Training Course, which has thus far graduated 4 sets including 141 information professionals in total. Smart Dubai also developed a dedicated data team in each participating entity, assigning a team leader to coordinate with Smart Dubai as well as contribute to the growth of the Dubai Pulse system.

On a comparable note, Smart Dubai signed an agreement with the Rochester Institute of Innovation (RIT)-- Dubai to develop a Master's Level in Data Science, which looks for to promote clinical research and motivate participation with world-leading scholastic and clinical centres. Based on the contract, Smart Dubai is tasked with developing the main objectives of the programme, supplying the required assistance for creating it, as well as for the labs needed for its success. It likewise led the cost in offering assistance to protect scientific certification for the programme as well as will certainly extend monetary support to the first batch of trainees. The programme has until now enrolled 33 trainees from both the Government as well as economic sector.

Dubai Pulse System

Smart Dubai is additionally showcasing advancements with the Dubai Pulse platform, which assembles open and also common data from both the general public and private sectors and releases current info about numerous city metrics. The system gives access to 3 layers of data: the very first satisfies the general public as well as is free, while the second uses an extensive analysis of the data (in exchange for a charge) to be utilized for academic, professional, commercial as well as financial functions. The 3rd and final layer consists of information available solely to Dubai Government entities.

Smart Dubai has currently published more than 200 datasets on the Dubai Pulse platform, out of the greater than 2,000 datasets were outlined and also identified across all 35 participating entities. Of the 233 datasets that were released on the Dubai Pulse platform, 142 of which were shared datasets and 91 were open datasets.