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GE Oil & Gas Opens Rapid Response OEM Aftermarket Center in Jebel Ali

GE Oil & Gas Opens Rapid Response OEM Aftermarket Center in Jebel Ali

GE’s Measurement & Control business, a division of GE Oil & Gas, (NYSE: GE) transformed the Jebel Ali facility into a dedicated OEM aftermarket center (AMC) to help customers manage valve maintenance and reduce unplanned downtime. The AMC offers rapid response programs, including ValvFAST that enables GE to meet the emergency delivery requirements of customers. It is now fully equipped with a dedicated stock of valves, valve modules and spare parts for GE’s Masoneilan control valves and Consolidated pressure relief valves. The AMC also helps to provide stronger operational efficiency for customers in the Middle East and Africa region.

Rami Qasem, President and CEO, GE Oil & Gas, Middle East, North Africa and Turkey, said: “Further drawing on the central geographic location in Jebel Ali, the AMC has now upgraded its delivery system, in addition to strengthening its local manufacturing and enhanced stocking programs. The transformation of our Jebel Ali AMC underlines our commitment to provide seamless support to our customers, especially in the oil and gas, chemical, power, water and petrochemical industries by reducing their waiting periods for any urgent valve related requirements. This in turn contributes to greater efficiencies at work and supporting sustained productivity of the plants.”

The AMC was recently certified by American society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) for UV certification for manufacturing pressure relief valves, underlining its credentials as the first ASME UV certified manufacturing facility in the UAE and the second in the Middle East. The only other certified pressure relief valve manufacturing facility in the region is GE’s own joint venture, DARVICO in Saudi Arabia. The Jebel Ali AMC is also certified by the National Board of Boiler & Pressure Vessel Inspectors (NBBI) for VR certification for repair and field service of pressure relief valves. This makes it the only OEM facility in UAE to be VR certified for both shop and field repair activities.

GE Oil & Gas has a strong industry footprint across the Middle East region, and partners with leading oil and gas companies, petrochemical industries and power and water industry stakeholders. The UAE is a key market for GE Oil & Gas. GE Oil & Gas’ advanced technologies enable its customers to enhance the efficiency, reliability and productivity of their operations.