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GE Healthcare leverages the power of Big Data to accelerate hospital productivity and operational efficiency

GE Healthcare leverages the power of Big Data to accelerate hospital productivity and operational efficiency

GE Healthcare (NYSE: GE) is introducing its transformational Industrial Internet mission to the Middle East, which leverages the potential of big data to strengthen the productivity and operational efficiency of the region’s healthcare infrastructure.

The seamless integration of brilliant machines, advanced analytics and skilled people is being demonstrated at GE’s stand at Arab Health 2014, the Middle East and Africa’s premier healthcare conference, being held at the Dubai International Convention Center until January 30. The Industrial Internet approach of linking big data with advanced technology is estimated to enable the global healthcare industry to save US$20 billion annually through increased productivity.

The path-breaking initiative by GE Healthcare to create and enable technology and services that improve healthcare delivery reflects the theme of the company’s participation, ‘Advancing Healthcare Together,’ at Arab Health 2014. Presenting its perspectives on Big Data for the first time in the Middle East, GE Healthcare is also proud to be a platinum commercial sponsor of the Big Data Conference taking place at Arab Health on January 28 and 29, under the theme ‘how the digitization of Medicine will be become the future of healthcare’.

Maher Abouzeid, President and CEO of GE Healthcare for the Middle East and Pakistan, said: “Through GE Healthcare’s Industrial Internet mission, we aim to deliver outcome-based offerings and solutions for customers to enhance the productivity and efficiency of the hospital infrastructure. This is of great significance to the Middle East region, where healthcare costs are increasing, in line with the increasing incidence of lifestyle diseases and growth in population.”

He added: “By identifying, liberating and analyzing the data captured by software and technology, caregivers will have the information they need when they need it to help enable them to prevent, diagnose, treat and cure. This will also enable healthcare practitioners to further sharpen their diagnostic and treatment capabilities by benefiting from the most relevant data for accurate and faster care. While healthcare has always relied on big data, our focus is to use this information effectively by providing the right technology that enable physicians to make the right diagnosis and match it with the right treatment.”

GE Healthcare’s Industrial Internet approach delivers actionable insights to practitioners by connecting data from multiple sources to help them derive conclusions that contribute to better patient care. The company continues to invest in developing and delivering software that connects caregivers to systems to aid in better-informed diagnosis and enhanced care.

By drawing on big data, GE Healthcare aims to enhance care for more patients through scheduling efficiencies, faster data entry, proactive asset management, clinical decision support and financial gains that allow for expansion. It also potentially reduces costs by optimizing workflow in care delivery, minimizing payment cycles, maximizing reimbursement rates and eliminating unnecessary waste. The third key benefit is in minimizing rework and redundancies by enhancing collaboration.

Technologies powering the Industrial Internet

Enterprise Imaging -- GE Healthcare is presenting its expanded suite of Enterprise Imaging Solutions to help lower IT costs, improve clinician productivity, expand networks of care, and improve workflows. GE Healthcare’s Enterprise Imaging Solutions include Centricity PACS with Universal Viewer and Centricity Clinical Archive solution. IHS recently ranked Centricity Clinical Archive as the #1 vendor neutral archive in the world with a 49% share of images stored1.

“Overall, GE Healthcare’s upgraded solution set is in perfect alignment with evolving end-user demands and the various directions taken by imaging providers in the U.S.,” announced Frost & Sullivan in a release recognizing GE Healthcare with the 2013 North American Frost & Sullivan Company of the Year Award for innovation in radiology informatics2. “Combining top-quality service, high performance and technology innovation, GE Healthcare’s Centricity imaging solutions have enabled providers to lower costs of ownership while preparing for the challenges of the future.”

Caradigm -- Formed in June 2012 and launched in the Middle East and Arab Health 2013, Caradigm is a 50-50 joint venture between the Healthcare IT business of General Electric Co. (NYSE “GE”) and Microsoft Corp. (Nasdaq “MSFT”). It’s aimed at enabling health systems and professionals to use near real-time, organization-wide intelligence to improve healthcare quality and the patient experience. Caradigm brings an open healthcare intelligence platform and collaborative clinical applications focused on enabling better population health management to improve outcomes and the economics of health and wellness.

SEER 1000 -- Among the innovative technologies that draw on the power of new technologies in data management for delivering better healthcare and on display at the dedicated pavilion of GE Healthcare’s stand at Arab Health, is the SEER 1000, a multi-channel digital holter recorder and wireless application for cardiac data collection and accuracy. It features a custom app that is compatible with today’s advanced wireless technologies, including tablets, smart phones and Bluetooth®-enabled PCs. The custom app gives visual guidance for lead placement and a clear view of signal quality. All of this can reduce the chance for poor data collection.

MAC 2000 -- The new MAC 2000 from GE Healthcare helps make diagnosis faster and more accurate, with the power of the Marquette 12SL analysis program. The MAC 2000 enables healthcare practitioners to be productive, from the first ECG. Tools such as HookUp Advisor allow them to identify a quality signal before acquisition, helping avoid costly repeat ECGs.

12013 World Market Report on Medical Enterprise Data Storage
2Link: www.best-practices.frost-multimedia-wire.com/ge-cca

Silent Scan -- GE Healthcare MRI's mission is to deliver the best clinical solutions with great patient experience at the right cost and quality. This year, GE Healthcare MRI has announced DV24.0, a unique software platform featuring innovative applications like Silent Scan. With DV24.0, productivity improvements of up to 30 per cent compared to previous versions are possible with its several value-added new features.

US$2 billion investment and GE’s Software Center of Excellence
Last year, GE Healthcare announced plans to invest US$2 billion to accelerate the development of innovative software for healthcare systems and applications. The investment is designed to advance current and future offerings in order to address new and pressing operational and productivity challenges faced by healthcare organizations around the world. Together, with the help of industry partners, GE Healthcare’s 3000+ software engineers and GE’s software Centers of Excellence across the globe, GE provides flexible and connected software, data and analytics so caregivers have the information they need to manage the healthcare challenges they face every day.

The Platinum Sponsor of Arab Health 2014, GE Healthcare is extending its support to leading conferences held on the sidelines of the event, including the Big Data Conference, Leaders in Healthcare, Middle East Anesthesia and Radiology Conferences. Visit GE Healthcare’s pavilion at Sheikh Saeed Hall, Booth No: S3B10.

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