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GE Healthcare Launches New Offerings in General Radiology for the First Time in the Middle East at Arab Health 2014

GE Healthcare Launches New Offerings in General Radiology for the First Time in the Middle East at Arab Health 2014

As a world-leader in general radiology, GE Healthcare (NYSE: GE) is presenting for the first time in the Middle East its range of radiology solutions helping clinicians see more, earlier, at Arab Health 2014, the Middle East and Africa’s premier healthcare conference held in Dubai.

In the hospital setting, the Radiology or x-ray unit is a specialty that employs a full range of diagnostic imaging services to diagnose or treat disease. The ward carries an array of imaging technologies include x-ray, ultrasound, computed tomography scanning that show cross sections of the body and magnetic resonance imaging which provide 3D scans using magnetic and radio waves and RIS/PACs for interconnected care.

GE presents the VolumeRAD an exclusive clinical application for its fixed radiographic system:

Among the latest innovations, GE is launching the VolumeRAD, the first thoracic radiographic tomosynthesis product with a specific indication, that aims to improve the detection of lung nodules and the subsequent management of patients1 compared to conventional X-ray imaging. Providing multiple high-resolution slice images of the anatomy of interest, including the chest, abdomen, extremities, and spine, the VolumeRAD acquires a series of low-dose projection images during a single sweep of the x-ray tube over a limited angle. Customers who use this technology will be able to detect more, and will benefit from 360 per cent greater sensitivity without any reduction in specificity, for lung nodules 3mm – 20mm in diameter.

Maher Abouzeid, President and CEO of GE Healthcare for the Middle East and Pakistan, said: “GE Healthcare is presenting a wide range of innovative radiology technologies at Arab Health that help solve clinicians’ most pressing challenges in patient care, comfort and productivity.”

He added: “The potential of VolumeRAD as a high-quality, cost effective and low dose imaging alternative for lung nodule detection is massive. It also fits with the requirements of the region, by promoting earlier and more efficient diagnosis, which potentially reduces the cost of treatment and in turn help manage the increasing healthcare bills.”

VolumeRAD generates diagnostic chest images that enable radiologists to detect small lung nodules with superior sensitivity vs. posterior-anterior (PA) and left lateral views of the chest at minimal relative radiation level (<0.1 mSv). As many as 60 images can be acquired in approximately 10 seconds.

Breakthroughs in Ultrasound aimed at a simpler, patient-centric experience

Being showcased for the first time at Arab Health, GE Healthcare is unveiling its new LOGIQ* F series Venue 50 and LOGIQ e point of care ultrasound systems. These new innovations in ultrasound are geared towards making the customer and patient experience simpler, more precise and faster than ever before.

In primary care, the LOGIQ* F series ultrasound offers an excellent image quality for multiple disciplines. It is designed to help improve workflow and detect abnormalities or small pathologies, with advanced tools and intuitive protocols that help simplify image acquisition and enhance overall image quality to support clinicians in making better diagnoses.

For healthcare providers using ultrasound for musculoskeletal purposes, the new Venue 50 and LOGIQ e systems address many of the common challenges felt across the globe including the need to quickly see the origin of pain and identifying the needle during guidance procedures.

The Venue 50 features improved user interfaces allowing for simpler, touch-screen interaction, reduced start up times, enhanced image quality and above all, the ability to initiate an exam in less time than previous versions of the technology. To address the challenges of a wide variety of patients, problems, users and risks – all under time constraints, the Venue 50 simply and quickly allows users the user interface of a tablet-style computer (touch screen), improved image quality, minimizes steps needed to access exam presets- 90% of exams now just 3 steps away – and finally the ability to be easily disinfected in just a matter of seconds.

The new LOGIQ e allows for more precise image quality for interventional procedures, features configurable button features allows for fusion overlay to guide alignment for needle-guidance procedures and provides more precise depiction of areas of inflammation and blood flow in general.

Other clinical innovations – from computed tomography (CT) to healthcare IT are also on full display at Arab Health.

Introducing the Discovery GSI**, configuration of the Discovery CT, this new system delivers both routine and advanced Spectral CT applications in oncology, cardiac, neurology, spine, urology, musculoskeletal. With improvements such as Virtual UnEnhanced (VUE) imaging and the first high heart rate coronary and stress perfusion protocol with integrated GSI Cardiac and SnapShot Freeze, patient care is built into the system.

GE Healthcare is presenting its expanded suite of Enterprise Imaging Solutions to help lower IT costs, improve clinician productivity, expand networks of care, and improve workflows. GE Healthcare’s Enterprise Imaging Solutions include Centricity PACS with Universal Viewer and Centricity Clinical Archive solution. IHS recently ranked Centricity Clinical Archive as the #1 vendor neutral archive in the world with a 49% share of images stored2.

The Platinum Sponsor of Arab Health 2014, GE Healthcare is extending its support to leading conferences held on the sidelines of the event, including the Big Data Conference, Leaders in Healthcare, Middle East Anesthesia and Radiology Conferences. Visit GE Healthcare’s pavilion at Sheikh Saeed Hall, Booth No: S3B10.

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