Ford’s Car Hacks for Millennials: How to Change a Wheel

While many young drivers love the freedom that comes from getting behind the wheel, few possess knowledge of simple, practical car repair skills that can get them out of a jam. But knowing how to go about easy jobs, like changing a wheel, means that young drivers needn’t feel helpless if they find themselves with a problem.

Ford Middle East has formed a series of videos aimed at giving young drivers the tools they need to relish their time behind the wheel more. The latest video in the series focuses on what you need to do when you determine you’ve got a flat tyre.

“Flat tyres never happen at a convenient time – and some drivers don’t have any idea what they want to do,” said Grant Fitzpatrick, Ford Middle East’s Customer Service director. “Some people think it’s very complicated or physically demanding, and many people wish to call in recovery services or someone they know to help out.”

“But it’s actually fairly straight forward when you’ve been shown what to do, and how to do it safely. With a little knowledge, you can switch out your flat with the spare and be on your way earlier you know it, in case you have to do it yourself,” he added.

The tips in the video are simply a guideline, and all drivers should make known themselves with the owner’s guide directions, the location of their spare wheel, jack and other equipment before attempting to safely change the flat tire on their own car.

“This is an enormously valuable skill for every driver to have,” added Fitzpatrick. Ford’s RoadSide Assistance is a perfect backstop for any driver, and a quick phone call away. But being able to change your wheels on your own means you can be on your way a little sooner.”




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