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Food & Beverage Manufacturing Business Group to Organise Sub-Sector Roundtable Meetings, Workshops

Food & Beverage Manufacturing Business Group to Organise Sub-Sector Roundtable Meetings, Workshops

  • Food & Beverage Manufacturing Business Group to Organise Sub-Sector Roundtable Meetings, Workshops

The Food and Beverage Manufacturing Business Group (FBMG) is set to arrange a collection of conferences and workshops with reps and decision manufacturers from below industries within the F&B field to build a collective network in between all stakeholders.

The roundtables are set to be kept in the second and 3rd weeks of January 2018, with below markets taking turns and holding their meeting on different days. The workshops, meanwhile, are slated to occur in early February 2018 and promoted by experts from Nielsen as well as UAE Food Platform designers.

The meetings complement the Group's initiatives to attend to the difficulties dealt with by the regional F&B sector by combining input from entities within the industry, in addition to securing support from authorities. The FBMG is making every effort to develop the UAE as the food and beverage manufacturing hub of the region. Therefore, the Group has taken a two-step technique, consisting first of gathering and saving trustworthy information (similar to the Food Industry Record, among others), after that of fostering collaboration between all field stakeholders.

His Excellency Saleh Abdullah Lootah, Chairman of FBMG, said: "The food and beverage market is a durable and dynamic economic grouping with significant clout in the marketplace. With that said in mind, we, at the Food and Drink Manufacturing Business Group, sought to effectively deal with the difficulties and possibilities within the market by simplifying to smaller sub industries, and event specialists, decision makers and professionals from each of these subdivisions to suggest innovative and specialised solutions."

"This effectively allows us to place the ideal individuals in the ideal place and make use of the talents and experience within our market in a targeted and accurate manner," H.E. Lootah included, noting that, "With three successful campaigns released in 2017 - particularly: The Food Industry Report, the UAE Food Platform and the implementation of the FLW Protocol in the UAE to reduce food waste - the Group has actually laid the foundation for a clear approach to lead the field in the years to find."

The sub sectors in question cover the handling of meat & poultry; seafood; fruits & vegetables; vegetable oils & fats; & fats; milk; milk-based products; grain mills products; sweets, chocolates & confectionary products; sugar, tea and coffee; flavors; mineral water; and drinks.

The FBMG is set to perform the sub-sector-focused discussions with food business, whose leaders and choice manufacturers will integrate to create an action plan for their corresponding sub markets. This will be adhered to by sub-sector-level assistance workshops, where the food industry reports will certainly be gone over in detail.

Established under the auspices of the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Food & Beverage Manufacturing Business Group (FBMG) looks for to develop a platform for F&B makers to solve industry-related obstacles and take the sector in the UAE to higher elevations. Subscription is open to any business operating in the food & drink production field in the nation.

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