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Fernando de Noronha inspires Dumond's summer 2014 collection

Fernando de Noronha inspires Dumond's summer 2014 collection

The right destination for those looking for the best beaches in Brazil, Fernando de Noronha inspires a universe of colors and textures in Dumond's new collection. This season, the exoticism of this tropical paradise is portrayed in handbags, shoes and accessories.

In line with the exuberant nature, crystalline waters become rich details. The shine of the waters and of fish skin appears in metallic and iridescent materials, embroideries and rhinestone appliqués. Metallic tones and glitter outsoles are stylish in the right measure and can be worn during the day or at night.

Geometric design in heels and cutout details are combined with several materials. Among low, medium and block-style heels, prominence to the "chapel" heel, inspired by the St. Peter of the Fishermen's Chapel - one of the tourist sites in the island.

The bottom of the sea is revisited in ornaments and in laser cuts of accessories and gladiator sandals. Here, braided elements and cutout effects inspire a folk style that goes from ballet flats to espadrilles and heels. Meanwhile, gladiators become more prominent and also appear in flat versions.

There are also several models with straps around the ankles - the famous ankle straps. Charming detail, the straps can be removed and worn as bracelets. The presence of orangey tones is also noteworthy, in a reference to the local flora. Colors like cactus, iris, gerbera, navy blue, and earth, and materials like suede and striped python are the great novelty in the collection.

The exotic, lush scenery of one of the most beautiful beaches in Brazil is transformed into the season's must-have pieces and reflect the essence of the brand this season: the contemporary BRAZILIANNESS . Available at The Mall , The Avenues.