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Etihad Airways raises the roof on Manchester City opening home match

Etihad Airways raises the roof on Manchester City opening home match

To commemorate Manchester City’s first home game of the current year's English Premier League (EPL) season, Etihad Airways—the official shirt and stadium sponsor of Manchester City— held onto the chance to make a remarkable fan involvement and drive commitment utilizing the intensity of augmented reality (AR).

Etihad Airways connected and work with Snapchat and its territorial Lens Studio Partner, Tactical, to conceptualize and deliver the crusade —titled The AR Fly-By. The world’s first AR fly-by, the Lens campaign included an Etihad A380 roaring over the Etihad Stadium while Manchester City’s notorious blue moon was rising not too far off. The trick was actuated by means of a Snapcode advanced at the Etihad Stadium, including shows on the megatron, and was also dispersed by on-site Etihad Cabin Crew.

The whole crusade was conceptualized and delivered within just a week’s time. Etihad Airways and Snapchat are now seeing how to extend the Lens and run comparative activations during key matches coming up later this fall.

Oliver Turkel, Regional Director MENA, City Football Group remarked: “The Lens was an incredible utilization of innovation to increase our fans’ matchday involvement with the Etihad Stadium and we were glad to hear such positive responses to the activity. As a club we invite advancement and new technology innovation so it’s incredible to work with our collaborator Etihad Airways to push limits and have a go at something new.”

Snapchat recently reported Lens 2.1, another update to its free desktop app Lens Studio, making it considerably simpler for anybody to build Snap Lenses for 2D, 3D and even the most developed experiences.


Campaign Name: 'The AR Fly-By'
Brand: Etihad Airways
Campaign Leads:
Shefali Vyas, Global Head of Social Media, Etihad Airways
Jason Alexander, Senior Account Manager - Travel, Snap Inc.
Mike Khouri, Managing Director, and Mohamed Sorkatti, Product Manager, Tactical

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