• Enjoy the Authentic Taste, Sound and Sight of Africa in a Unique Journey at KIZA Restaurant & Lounge Right in the Heart of Dubai
Enjoy the Authentic Taste, Sound and Sight of Africa in a Unique Journey at KIZA Restaurant & Lounge Right in the Heart of Dubai

KIZA, the only one -of-its-kind Pan-African Restaurant and Lounge in the entire region, has successfully reinforced itself as the one-stop destination that advertises, commemorates and welcomes the spirit of Africa with its cuisine, music, hospitality, creative thinking, artistry, fashion and culture.

Strategically located at the Dubai International Financial Centre [DIFC], KIZA has carved a particular niche as the place to go for all points African - be it the Pan-African cuisine, right from the fragrant and authentic Chicken Brik and Couscous Salad of North Africa to the Rainbow cuisine of South Africa; to Afro beats, Afro-House songs or Afro Jazz to experiencing the vivid society of the continent.

The concept, established in October 2015 at DIFC subsequent to an effective casual dining experience since 2012 in OudMetha, is also the veritable platform to advertise African musicians in the Middle East. With its trendy decoration and lip-smacking menu, KIZA personifies the vibrancy and character of Africa through a diverse sensory experience.

Lukman Akanbi, Founder of KIZA DIFC, said: "KIZA is much more compared to a restaurant, it's an experience promoting and celebrating the best in and out of Africa. Dubai is among one of the most famous cities in the world, having a vivid cosmopolitan, business and multicultural feel, KIZA completes the African touch to it. "

So, whether one wants to delight in Tamiya or Kelewele or Beef GochiGochi or Egusi or hot stews from West Africa and the conventional meat meals and soups of East Africa, KIZA is the place to go.

Joe Osawaye, Founder & Managing Partner of KIZA DIFC, added: "At KIZA, we want our visitors to experience Africa in an authentic, comprehensive and vivid manner through a carefully-crafted option and selection of the most effective that Africa offers - in a costs and comfy setting that involves and thrills all the detects. "

KIZA has actually likewise sustained and hosted a variety of events in Dubai, including Preference of Dubai 2015, VIVA AFRICA show series, sponsorship of FIFA U-17 competition and so on

No wonder that the success of KIZA in Dubai has motivated the monitoring to increase its geographical existence in other components of the world. The group currently operates its restaurant in Nairobi, and considering to open up in North America, Europe and throughout the Middle East & various other parts of Africa.




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