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Emirati Businessman Abdul Rahim Al Zarooni donates Aed 10 million to contain coronavirus.

Emirati Businessman Abdul Rahim Al Zarooni donates Aed 10 million to contain coronavirus.

Dubai: In a Great Philanthropic Gesture, Emirati businessman Abdul Rahim Al Zarooni, Chairman of the Board of Al Zarooni Group, announced the contribution of Dh10 million to make sure all health care centres and clinics have enough medical supplies throughout the fight against the pandemic.

Al Zarooni stressed the importance of UAE residents contributing to the battle against coronavirus, saying that it is their nationwide obligation to ensure that the nation continues to be a model for safety and security and joy.

Al Zarooni praised the UAE's initiatives under the guidance of its leadership as well as the contributions of its communities. He complimented the steps taken by authorities, including the Ministry of Health And Prevention, the Dubai Health Authority and various personal helping to combat the COVID-19 pandemic. Efforts of members of society are also critical to contain the spread of the virus , he said.

"The UAE possesses the world's best medical capabilities and infrastructure which will help it effectively safeguard public health. However, our society has a collective responsibility to enhance efforts to ensure the UAE continues to provide the world's best living conditions. Today, we are being tested and we have to prove to the world that the UAE is working as team to protect itself from anything that endangers the health of its people," Al Zarooni said.

The UAE has scaled up its preventative measures to halt the spread of COVID-19, including establishing controls in all air as well as sea ports by deploying medical groups. This is in line with the guidlines of the Ministry of Health And Prevention as well as the standards of the World Health Organization. Community participation is vital to the success of preventive initiatives, he said. He urged individuals to exercise social distancing, stay clear of public gatherings and also stay at home as much as possible.