Emirates Fire and Rescue Company obtains global accreditation from Institution of Fire Engineers
Accreditation considered highest recognition in field of engineering consultancy and fire & safety training services

Abu Dhabi, 24 March 2019: The Emirates Fire and Rescue Company (EFRC), a pioneer in the field of fire life and safety consultancy, providing smart safety 360 services, recently made a historic achievement after being accredited by the Institution of Fire Engineers (IFE) as one of its Recognised Training Providers (RTPs) in the GCC. EFRC is the first UAE company within its industry to hold the IFE accreditation, which is considered one of the highest recognitions in the field.

The IFE is a leading international organization renowned for its best practices concerning fire safety and training. A course or training program bearing the seal of the IFE is a testament to the quality of courses, training providers and methods and is recognized as being in line with the expectations and standards of the IFE.

“The EFRC dedicated significant time and effort to implement the IFE standards and requirements across all its branches in the Northern Emirates. During this period, the company raised the level of its training programs, from theory to practical classes, to meet the international organization’s criteria,” said Ibrahim Al Hammadi, Chief Executive Officer, EFRC.

Al Hammadi added: “Part of our strategic approach is to focus on expansion and growth within our sector, while aligning our strategy with the government’s development programs. Through our services we aim to raise the level of safety and prevention among all facilities, corporations, entities and individuals on the grounds of the UAE. Being granted the accreditation leaves a great impact on our portfolio, allowing us to stand out among prominent industry players and add greater value to the public and stakeholders we serve.”

The company which is part of Fazaa Group consisted of 22 sister companies, provides basic and customized training courses on key topics such as fire and evacuation drills as well as National Fire and Protection Association (NFPA) courses. Three of the EFRC courses, namely Basic Firefighting, Advanced Firefighting Level 1, and Advanced Firefighting Level 2, received the IFE approval after the latter’s accreditation committee conducted an audit site visit in which the EFRC got a matched score with the IFE standards during the rigorous assessment conducted by the IFE team.




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