Emirates Center for Government Knowledge Concludes ‘Internal Management Consultant Program’

Emirates Center for Government Knowledge Concludes ‘Internal Management Consultant Program’
20 November 2017 -
  • Emirates Center for Government Knowledge Concludes ‘Internal Management Consultant Program’
    Emirates Center for Government Knowledge Concludes ‘Internal Management Consultant Program’ Emirates Center for Government Knowledge Concludes ‘Internal Management Consultant Program’

The Emirates Center for Government Knowledge (ECGK) - part of the Mohammed bin Rashid School of Government (MBRSG) - has wrapped up the initial edition of the Internal Management Consultant Program with 26 Public servant taking part.

The Program was introduced as part of the capability growth project of the fourth-generation government Excellence System, laid out by the Prime Minister's Office in order to equip nationwide abilities with the necessary abilities to succeed, in accordance with the highest international requirements - which, then, aids develop a generation of outstanding leaders.

The program introduced participants to the concepts and knowledge around which the Interior Managerial Specialist Program is developed. Individuals were instructed in the technological and humanitarian aspects of their functions, with an emphasis on values. They took part in a number of workshops that sought to familiarize them with the very best instruments and operations in their area according to global ideal practice.

ECGK Director Mohammed Hassan Al Khatib said: "The program provides a unique platform to share government-related knowledge. It is the initial nationwide program that seeks to help internal supervisory experts brighten their skills and play a larger duty in improving and progressing their respective Government companies. In addition, this program presents individuals to the concepts and techniques needed to raise performance, increase competitiveness and boost government methods.".

" The program included an innovative technique to protecting and moving institutional knowledge," Al Khatib included. "It assists staff members and organizations establish exact standards and referral factors in regards to working as a consultant, along with providing participants with the knowledge they should successfully sustain their companies. It likewise provides an opportunity for extremely skilled retired professionals to proceed their careers, sharing their knowledge and experience with staff members and organizations that need them.".

The program consisted of a last execution stage, where the students were assigned to perform consultatory jobs in the government departments they operate in, in order to guarantee that they are able to use what they discover and implement it in the office. These jobs were assessed by an expert committee at the Emirates Center for Government Knowledge.

" The program seeks to encourage individuals and familiarize them with 2 important concepts of the consultatory process: one is the human dimension, which includes ethics and guidelines for connecting with customers, while the 2nd is professionalism and reliability in giving counsel for job plans, schedules, and initiatives to enhance performance," stated Wissam Dbeit, Certified Managerial Expert at ECGK.

" The program also includes sensible workouts where participants carry out jobs in their offices," he included; "this enables us to evaluate their work and their ability to represent these companies when taking care of external consultants." The five-day program hosted a variety of experts in interior administration consulting to introduce individuals to the policies and fundamentals of the profession, as well as famous contemporary trends in the field. At the end of the program, MBRSG's Executive President H.E. Dr. Ali Sebaa Al Marri, distributed certificates of attendance to participants for finishing 40 hours of training.