Embrace the Organic Elements Of The Tree Of Life With New Mbuyu Experience At Four Seasons Safari Lodge Serengeti

The exotic baobab tree is an iconic silhouette in the African savannah, with its innate source of vitality allowing it to thrive across the continent for a lifespan of up to 5000 years. Looking to capture the purity of this essential African symbol, Four Seasons Safari Lodge Serengeti is launching the Mbuyu Experience, including the Swahili name for the baobab tree, which combines all elements of the fruit's well-being properties to offer maximum benefits to overall wellness.

Highlighting the rich local resources of the Lodge's central Serengeti location, the Mbuyu Experience has been carefully crafted into a custom-designed experience to enrich natural energy. Through the fruit's high concentration of anti-oxidants, vitamin C and B6, the extensive health benefits include a boosted immune system, increased mental clarity, healthy skin and improved sleep patterns.
The Mbuyu Experience begins upon arrival at the Spa, where a freshly prepared baobab infusion offers pre-treatment hydration ahead of the Lodge's signature 90 minute Kifaa Massage, which uses pure, organic baobab massage oil. Following the treatment, the Mbuyu goodness is shared through a nutritious baobab tasting sampler, and to complete the experience, a locally made decorative baobab tree souvenir and collection of recipes containing the full nutritional benefits of baobab are available to take home. The baobab flour and fruit are also available for purchase from the Spa's boutique.

Available at a price of USD 228.00, the Mbuyu Experience is just one of a choice of rejuvenating spa treatments on offer in the Lodge's six spa pavilions to soothe and revive the body after long days of hot and dusty game drives.




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