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Elaf Group urges women in KSA to undergo screening for early detection of breast cancer

As part of its commitment to corporate social responsibility, Elaf Group has organized a breast cancer awareness campaign, featuring an educational seminar which encourages its women employees to undergo screening for the early detection of breast cancer and significantly increase the chances of treating the disease. The campaign comes in line with Elaf’s efforts to promote health, safety and happiness as among its top priorities.                                                                                       Mr. Ziyad Bin Mahfouz, Chief Executive Officer of Elaf Group, explained that the company aims to further strengthen its active role in the community to help advance Saudi Arabia’s social development. He further noted the importance of raising awareness among employees and citizens on topics related to personal and professional health and safety.

“The awareness campaign is an important addition to the government's efforts aimed at combating breast cancer, which is one of the most prevalent cancer diseases. The campaign highlights our efforts in supporting the healthy lifestyle initiatives in the country. It has contributed at changing the attitude of women towards identifying breast cancer risk and encouraging them to conduct an early detection of breast cancer that will enhance the chances of full recovery. We continue to focus on ways that further enhance the health of our employees by giving them a conducive environment that ensures their safety, well-being and happiness,” he added.

The awareness campaign which was implemented through a series of educational seminars on breast cancer informed the women of the symptoms as well as the techniques on conducting periodic and accurate home inspection. The seminars also emphasized the importance of early detection of breast cancer and its role in getting higher chances of recovery from the disease, thereby reducing the outbreak of cancer cells in the body.




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