Dubai Municipality showcases innovative food initiatives and smart services at Gulfood

Dubai Municipality is showcasing its endeavors in the field of food security and quality, including its vital services and monitoring procedures, during its participation in the 28th edition of Gulfood, the largest annual event for the latest developments in the food and beverages industry.

The five-day event, which commenced on February 20 at Dubai World Trade Center, features participation of over 5000 exhibitors from food-producing and food service companies hailing from more than 125 countries.

His Excellency Dawoud Al Hajri, Director General of Dubai Municipality, emphasized that Gulfood is one of the largest food exhibitions in the world and an international platform to exchange the most recent insights, expertise, cutting-edge innovations, and emerging international trends in the food industry and its requirements. The Municipality is eager to participate in this event, which brings together leading food producers and importers seeking to discover groundbreaking and sustainable opportunities and solutions in the food ecosystem, especially in the context of changing international dynamics, he added.

The Municipality's participation in Gulfood aims to educate food product merchants and importers on the latest quality and safety procedures, as well as how to implement them. Additionally, the Municipality is highlighting important services and initiatives it offers in this area in Dubai, a crucial hub for the food industry in both the regional and global economy, he said.

He continued: Ensuring the safety of food is crucial because it has a direct impact on people's health and Dubai's reputation. As a result, our top priority is to ensure that all food institutions comply with standards. Dubai Municipality is dedicated to enhancing trust in food safety by utilizing integrated ecosystems and implementing the best international and local practices. We also establish and employ uniform monitoring procedures for imported food institutions in Dubai to guarantee the safety of their products and activities. Additionally, we strive to raise awareness of food safety and uphold the highest food hygiene standards in the city.

Through its pavilion, Dubai Municipality is welcoming visitors, official and non-official delegations from various countries around the world, to discuss key topics in food safety with experts in the field. The pavilion will further introduce smart practices in the food safety field, aiming at facilitating procedures that promote the seamless flow of food between countries.

Green Path Initiative

Coinciding with Gulfood, Dubai Municipality has launched the Green Path initiative. It utilizes smart technology to rapidly analyze the chemical, microbial, and physical risk assessment data of food products and identify any potential risks associated with their country of origin. By doing so, the initiative enables the Municipality to quickly approve the release of compliant shipments, while preventing the entry of non-compliant food items that do not adhere to the standards and regulations of the country's food establishments.
The initiative seeks to establish a global blueprint for a secure digital food system that enhances food safety, promotes food security, and improves quality of life. It also aims to reduce inspection-related burdens and expedite the release of imported food using AI and machine learning technologies. This builds on previous successful efforts to conduct research, develop innovative technologies, and engage in digital transformation through data analysis.

The Municipality asserted that it will be sending some of its specialized professionals to attend exhibitions in order to assist companies understand the adopted requirements and conditions of the food sector. Additionally, these experts will be available to answer any inquiries regarding food import and re-export requirements, food product registration, assessment of the food card, and other services that are relevant to food companies.

The Municipality's inspection procedures encompass various domains, such as food handling, storage, preparation, and serving. The inspectors verify that all food handlers possess adequate training to handle food safely. Additionally, they confirm that food is stored at the appropriate temperature and that the surroundings are free of pests and potential contaminants.

To assist food establishments in maintaining optimal levels of food safety, the Municipality offers a plethora of resources and services. These include awareness programs, guidelines, and bylaws, a digital platform that enables food companies to conduct daily food safety checkups, as well as the management of suppliers' and contractors' operations, evaluation of their performance reports, and provision of guidance to enhance their food safety practices.

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