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  • Dubai Foods: The Traditional Foods Competition 'Al Dhafra Festival"
Dubai Foods: The Traditional Foods Competition 'Al Dhafra Festival"

Dubai Foods: Al Dhafra Festival, composed by the Cultural Programs and Heritage Festivals Committee - Abu Dhabi, has the "traditional dubai foods" rivalry. The challenge witnessed Emirati ladies and men contending to serve delicious traditional dishes from the Emirati conventional cooking.

"Conventional Foods" rivalry is planned for exhibiting UAE traditonal legacy and Emirati culinary customs and keeping up them live in regular daily existence for people in the future. Further, the celebration tries to advance the name of UAE around the world and change it into a global center point of cordiality benefits and energize guests of different nationalities to explore Emirati cooking and support it.

Emirati women partaking in the challenge arranged Assedah (porridge), Quras (buns) and Logemat "bites", while men arranged Al Thabihah. Form among these dishes, we pick Logemat "bites" to described how it is made. Combination of Flour, sugar, eggs, cardamom powder, buter, yeast and saffron are mixed together. At that point, water is step by step added to the blend until the parts become delicate and afterward left until matured. From that point, the mixture is separated into round-formed pieces to be fried in hot oil until their colour turns golden. Logemat is presented with debs (fruit molasses) or nectar.

The top champs in the biggest measure of Logemat competition were Mrs Aisha Khalaf Salim and Mrs Mariam Salim Sultan, trailed by Mrs Halima Basheer and Tamasha Basheer in the subsequent spot, while the two Mrs Salma Mubarak and Mrs Sheikha Habes won the third place.

Female winners concurred that the Festival places incredible significance on inspiring natively homemade crafts to be taken to the nearby market, reveals the insight into conventional nourishments and legacy of the nation and advances the familiarity with individuals about the significance of customary food sources as a feature of the certifiable Emirati legacy.




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