Dubai Courts Receives Newly Introduced ‘Happiest Work Environment 2016’ Award

Dubai Courts Receives Newly Introduced ‘Happiest Work Environment 2016’ Award
09 May 2017 -
  • Dubai Courts Receives Newly Introduced  ‘Happiest Work Environment 2016’ Award
    Dubai Courts Receives Newly Introduced ‘Happiest Work Environment 2016’ Award Dubai Courts Receives Newly Introduced ‘Happiest Work Environment 2016’ Award

Dubai Courts' succeeding achievements are a reflection of its consistent commitment to excellence and keen determination to bring joy to its customers and stakeholders. This has caused it winning the 'Happiest Work Environment 2016' award throughout the 20th Dubai Government Excellence Program (DGEP) recently held under the patronage of H.H. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai. Winning the freshly presented group showed Dubai Courts' steadfast initiative to develop a work environment that promotes the spirit of innovation, imagination, happiness, and positivity. This relocation is in keeping with its company excellence criterion and according to the principles of the 4th Generation of government Excellence System. The last is the first first-rate Emirati development system that aims to bring sophisticated civil service inning accordance with the greatest standards. It makes sure that all people and residents have access to topnotch services for the sake of their happiness and well-being. Additionally, it looks for to enhance the UAE's general competitiveness by placing it on top of all global indications.

The Dubai Courts' 'Happiest Work Environment 2016' award shows its complete compliance to the 4th Generation of Government Excellence System and is a result of its high score in a human resource joy study conducted by DGEP. The Courts likewise outmatched various other chosen federal government bodies on the Employees Happiness Index; Employees Satisfaction Index; Employees Synergy Index; Staff members Commitment Index; and the Human being Resources Return On Investment (HCROI). The HCROI consists of numerous elements, including training performance; comments system efficiency in regards to the variety of respondents and applied suggestions; efficiency prices; lower solution price; and the distinguished performance acknowledgment and incentives plans.

H.E. Taresh Eid Al Mansouri, Director General, Dubai Judiciaries, stated that the 'Happiest Work Environment 2016' is an addition to Dubai Courts' string of DGEP honors, consisting of the 'Finest Financial Entity,' the 'Creative Department,' and the 'Creative Leader.' H.E. additionally highlighted that this award is the culmination of the Courts' long-standing and cutting-edge efforts owned by its resolve and perseverance to realize the objectives of its 'Strategic Record 2016-- 2019.' The 'Strategic Document’ to bring in, establish, encourage, and keep innovative, positive, and well-qualified personnels capable of promoting count on the judiciary at the local and global levels.

H.E. Al Mansouri included: "Achieving excellence in our bid to create the happiest work environment is the result of our concentrated commitment in keeping with the 'Strategic Paper 2016 - 2019.' It makes the happiness of our workers and stakeholders a top concern, a tactical objective, and a nationwide duty under the regulations of our smart leaders to value the happiness of all UAE nationals. We are pleased that our substantial endeavors have added to establishing and carrying out a detailed and integrated portfolio of initiatives aimed at spreading positive energy; establishing an encouraging management; and progressing women proficiencies. Additionally, we look for to honor and acknowledge excellence, spur innovation, carry out profession growth programs, and bring happiness to all our workers. Rest assured that we will certainly keep our path to excellence, which, according to H.H. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, must be viewed as 'a difficulty ... not as an achievement.'".

H.E. Al Mansouri concluded: "We stay dedicated to our responsibility in keeping with the wise regulations of our visionary leaders that have actually constantly pushed for a positive workplace to earn the UAE a global good example for employee contentment and happiness. As such we will continually aim to accomplish judicial excellence in accordance with the company excellence standard and the principles of Fourth Generation of Government Excellence System. This will certainly likewise aid us maximize our efficiency to meet the highest international standards and bring happiness to all our workers and stakeholders; build a robust society; and sustain creativity and innovation. Inevitably, all these efforts are focused on making our vision of 'worldwide pioneering and notable courts' a fact for us to deliver justice and guarantee safety and security of our society.”

The 'Happiest Work Environment 2016’ is a result of Dubai Courts' impressive initiatives to establish qualified and innovative personnels. Additionally, in line with the 'Strategic Document 2016 - 2017,' Dubai Courts is striving to develop and create top quality policies and programs aimed at increasing its efficiency and efficiency. It not only guarantees the fairness of its measuring tools but it additionally increases the degrees of inspiration, participation, and excellence of its employees. The devices consist of key policies and occupation path growth programs, including the 'Elite Program,' 'Future Judge Program,' 'Excellence Stars Program,' 'Innovation Exchanges Program,' 'Pioneers Club,' 'Knowledge Leaders Program,' 'Women Council,' and 'Young Leaders Team,' among others.