Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo launches aqua-nursery

Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo has launched an aqua-nursery - the new unique place for the Aquarium's youngest residents to spend their preliminary months, bordered by other new arrivals!

Adorned in blush pinks and baby blues, the cute baby room not only allows the aquarium experts to look after the babies, but it also offers site visitors the opportunity to learn more about the varying lifecycles and reproductive process for a variety of species.

Visits to the aqua-nursery will also discover peak reproduction seasons, gestation durations and the clinical terms covering numerous species - for an informing, enjoyable and round adorable discovery.

Currently residing in the baby room are zebra sharks, shovel nose rays, bamboo sharks and blue spotted rays, which have all been born naturally at Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo; credit to the world-class aquarium group guaranteeing all animals enjoy pristine problems.

As Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo continues to elevate the bar for instructional home entertainment, the aqua-nursery looks for to even more engage young minds and educate them about species which are otherwise not available, and looks forward to welcoming extra varieties in the coming months.

The aqua-nursery joins other attractions focused on increasing awareness, consisting of the likes of King Croc, Sea serpent's Lair, and undersea experiences including the Shark Feeding encounter and Underwater Mobility scooter, which are made to inform and motivate conservation efforts among site visitors.

Visit Dubai Fish Tank & Underwater Zoo to see the adorable babies in the aqua-nursery, and learn about just how they were born.

Access to the aqua-nursery is included with all Dubai Fish Tank & Underwater Zoo tickets - including a lot more value to the spectacular undersea journey of exploration!