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DMCA records 18 per cent growth in marine driving licenses and 13 per cent increase in marine craft crew licenses in 2018

Dubai Maritime City Authority (DMCA) has revealed excellent performance in 2018--posting extraordinary growth in marine licensing within its territorial waters. The DMCA publicised an 18 per cent increase in the application of marine driving licenses as compared to 2017 and a 13 per cent upsurge in applications received for marine craft crew licenses, also during the same period. The robust performance reveals the high confidence placed by the international community on Dubai for its safe, renewable, competitive, sustainable and attractive marine environment. The bigger numbers can also be attributed to DMCA's on-going efforts to upgrade maritime licensing services as an integrated regulatory framework to guarantee the integration of maritime safety, safe navigation and operational efficiencies along the coast of the emirate.

Amer Ali, Executive Director, DMCA, pointed out that the growth of the maritime licensing activities of the authority affirms their success in ensuring that the highest standards of competence, professionalism and professionalism are met in the licensing of crews and marine vessels alike. He also explained that the development also characterises an advanced step towards advancement the components of the local maritime sector in compliance with innovation, sustainability and inclusiveness.

Ali said, “We uphold our commitment towards guaranteeing smooth maritime licensing procedures, which serves as a key element in ensuring the strategic management of maritime operations--in line with the highest standards of occupational safety, best environmental practices and local and international decisions.”

Ali pointed out that the issuance of marine driving licenses is based on strict standards, which were established to ensure that marine crews are fully competent and in compliance with local and international laws, regulations and resolutions that guarantee safe navigation across international maritime waters. The move also affirms Dubai’s position as one of the world’s most prominent maritime communities—further consolidating its place as one of the top five countries listed in the International Shipping Center Development Index.

“The high level of confidence given to us by the international marine community will lead us to further expansion and regulation of maritime licensing mechanisms according to innovative and specific guidelines developed to verify the compliance of maritime means with technical specifications, marine safety regulations, local environmental requirements, in line with our efforts to advance the performance, safety, efficiency and competitiveness of the local maritime sector. We remain steadfast in our obligation towards facilitating the completion of marine driving license tests and licensing procedures for marine vessels of all types directly, quickly and efficiently--taking advantage of the intelligent transformation that is a priority for us in line with the Dubai Plan 2021 to make Dubai a sustainable city,” concluded Ali.

The DMCA’s Maritime Traffic Management Department is taking charge of the implementation of the assessment, training and testing programs for marine crews that are operating within local territorial waters and taking advantage of Dubai's high potential as a major hub and center for maritime training both regionally and internationally. DMCA continues its complete evaluation of procedures in conjunction with the remarkable activity in the maritime licensing movement--a step that promotes modern marine knowledge in the department of operational processes, prior to the formal examination, with the aim of providing marine staff with modern knowledge and practical experience in line with global best practices.




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