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Director General of the Federal Youth Authority says ‘The UAE leadership is passionate about empowering individuals and developing young people’s skills’

Director General of the Federal Youth Authority says ‘The UAE leadership is passionate about empowering individuals and developing young people’s skills’


Her Excellency Shamma bint Suhail Faris Al Mazrui, Minister of State for Youth Affairs and Deputy Chairman of the Arab Youth Centre (AYC), stated that the UAE’s wise leadership is dedicated assisting the youth in all fields by executing a world-leading the approach.

This enables young people and encourages them to develop skills to improve their international role and contribute.

Alongside their global peers, in driving sustainable development and prosperity across all communities, producing progress and forecasting a better future for humanity.

Commenting on World Youth Skills Day 2020, H.E. Al Mazrui added: “The youth skills ecosystem is a foundation of any plans to upskill the youth and make sure they are on the same step as the rapid advancements taking place globally.

Especially in light of the current situation and the challenges the world is now up against, which call on us to produce a transparent framework to help the youth develop several skills to heighten their resilience in the future job market.”

“The UAE prides itself on its world-leading experience; the country is dedicated to supporting and empowering young people with the essential skills and practices to enhance their global role and empower them to be the UAE’s voice around the world,” H.E. added.

“This was made apparent when groups of young Emiratis joined meetings of the United Nations’ General Assembly, as well as through the UAE United Nations Youth Delegates Programme. Where young people can present their views concerning various global issues, share their abilities and knowledge with young people from around the world, and address youth-centric issues with decision makers and world leaders.”

H.E. AL Mazrui noted that the UAE plays a central role in the region, chiefly through the Arab Youth Centre, which operates according to advanced procedures and a forward-thinking vision to transfer the UAE’s experience in upskilling the youth around the region and providing them with the proficiencies they need for the future.

“The world around us is evolving rapidly,” H.E, the Minister of State for Youth Affairs, said. “This compels us to collaborate more with all relevant authorities in the UAE and countries worldwide.

For our part, we are committed to being notable contributors in developing young people’s skills in the UAE and around the region and the world to take account of the capabilities of young people and heightening their awareness and knowledge.”

“With that in mind, we are working to create the ideal environment, launching numerous initiatives and plans to strengthen young people’s skills and support them to earn new skills in every sector,” H.E. went on. 

“These initiatives include Emirates Youth Professional School, which offers a unique experience blending knowledge and practical experiences, led by experts and professionals whose experience and skills can teach and inspire young people to persevere their dreams and explore their talent.

Emirates Youth Summer Academy is another such initiative, allowing young people to optimize their time celebrate World Youth Skills Day, young people should be more adaptable and prepared by developing their skills to meet current and future demands,”

H.E. Al Mazrui closed. “The future of the youth is the future of all countries and people around the world. They are our most precious asset and through them, we can achieve development and prosperity in every sector.”