Czech Republic to wow visitors turning desert sand into fertile land
Countdown: Exactly 565 days until Tuesday, 20 October 2020.

Dubai, 03 April 2019: While Pavilions one after one amaze people with the impeccable design and innovation, Czech Republic seems to be equally keen with the greens. Venturing upon the idea, the Czech Republic pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai is all game to turn the dry and arid image of the UAE deserts to a groundbreaking system that produces water from the air using nothing but sunlight, something that is available in abundance in the deserts.

The system named Solar Air Water Energy Resources (S.A.W.E.R.) has been developed by a team of scientists from Czech Technical University in Prague. Also, it has the ability to work autonomously without the need for a generator or a connection to the electricity grid.

All one needs to do is transport a S.A.W.E.R. container to a remote, off-grid location by truck or helicopter and you’ll have water running down your taps within 24 hours of unloading.

The scientists have come forward with a miraculous invention that could find solution to the mindboggling questions of a future world struggling with the scarcity of water.




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