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With Campaign Showcasing Resilience and Human Endeavor Bridgestone Celebrates the Holy Month of Ramadan

With Campaign Showcasing Resilience and Human Endeavor Bridgestone Celebrates the Holy Month of Ramadan


Bridgestone, a leading multinational auto and truck components manufacturer, is celebrating the Holy Month of Ramadan with a campaign that highlights resilience of the human spirit. The campaign, which has been developed to embody the company’s vision to ‘Keep going no matter what’ and understand the journey of people and their perseverance amidst challenges and not be deterred to move forward. During the month, the company will spotlight the tales of various inspiring individuals who regardless of fasting during this Holy Month of Ramadan, have managed to proceed with their work--headstrong and helped be one of the backbones of the economy.

According to the company's senior executives, the campaign is centered on telling the tales of everyday people who fast throughout Ramadan however do not slow down--hardworking and inspiring people that serve as the spine of the community. These employees may be anyone--teachers, architects, doctors, nurses, armed forces, crane operators, delivery workers, carpenters, etc.

Selected individuals will be asked, 'What keeps you going?' and they can share their story with Bridgestone, along with a uniquely designed picture of them. The company invites the public to nominate anybody whom they know whose life story can be an example and encourage people for the effect they have made to another person’s life or to the community in general. To know more about the campaign, follow Bridgestone on @bridgestonemea

Berna Akinci, Head of Marketing, Bridgestone Middle East & Africa FZE, said, "As we all come together to rejoice the Holy Month of Ramadan, Bridgestone has determined to roll out a new campaign that highlights our 'Keep going no matter what' mindset, and pursuits to tell the tales of everyday people like you and me who have managed to overcome their challenges and serve as actual inspirations for all of us to follow. We take pleasure in their triumphs as people and share their story with you, not only to encourage however additionally to exhibit the resilience of the human spirit."

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