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Azizi Developments announces implementation of revamped customer care strategy

Azizi Developments, a forerunning private developer in the UAE, has put in action a new customer care method to make sure customer satisfaction and retention amidst an incredibly high pre-sales ratio and several task deliveries in 2020.

Key to its revamped approach is proactivity. Rather than being a reactive department, Azizi’s customer care crew now proactively addresses potential consumer inquiries through figuring out viable problems earlier than they occur, such as via the analysis of huge data, informing clients and taking preventative moves in time. The developer plans to constantly enhance its transparency, growing the quantity of its curtesy calls, project updates, and customer site visits more than three-fold, and is enforcing extra channels of informative communications. Moreover, it has minimised its turnaround time for responses to inquiries, case resolutions, unit swapping and consolidations to much less than 24 hours.

The customer care branch is now also tasked with exploring further progressive methods to improve customer happiness, following the success of its latest announcement, surprising present Riviera customers with an AED 88+ million funding to enhance the 71-building community with top class interiors, free-of-charge to its customers.
Its new approach additionally comprises progressive methodologies in dealing with unique requests that fall outside of contractual policies. Azizi now assists customers who are worried about their lack of ability to fulfil their economic obligations, such as due to job loss or family matters, granting them tailored payment plan amendments and extensions. The developer enables this procedure via its devoted mortgage department and its close ties and partnerships with some of the region’s leading financial institutions.

With nearly 69% of Azizi’s customers buying units for investment purposes, the developer now additionally helps its customers in the resale process, offering all required documentation and guidance.
Farah Farran, Head of Customer Service at Azizi Developments, commented: “Customer centricity is not simply a advantage - it determines the success of a business. Inadequate aftersales service is much more expensive than the provision of stellar, expectation-exceeding service. We are assured that our revamped customer care strategy, which definitely has our clients’ satisfactory interest at its very core, will assist us achieve the trust of even more satisfied customers. Their loyalty, which this programme will support earn, not only leads to repeat purchases, however additionally turns our valued customers into brand ambassadors who carry our efforts through word-of-mouth. We look ahead to many more customer care initiatives to be launched in the close to future.”




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