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Aziz Almarzooqi Aka Fex Appointed As Global Brand Ambassador For V Perfumes
The UAE’s popular social media star will endorse V Perfume’s product range to help the retail luxury network’s expansion project at a USD 25 million investment. V Perfumes to launch a new series of perfumes titled “Fex Fragrance Collections”

V Perfumes, a leading luxury perfume brand, has unveiled that it has appointed UAE’s popular influencer and vlogger Aziz Almarzooqi, also known as Fex, as its global brand ambassador for its line of fragrances for 2020.

V Perfumes, which is among the rapidly developing retail perfumery chain in the UAE, signed an agreement with Aziz Almarzooqi targeted at speeding up the brand value to the next level catering to the demand of the new generation throughout the GCC countries.

Aziz Almarzooqi, who is the face behind the social media handle Fex UAE, will be supporting V Perfume’s product range to assist the retail luxury network’s extension plan at an investment of USD 25 million.

Asserting on the agreement with vlogger FEX UAE, Mr. Faizal CP, Founder and Managing Director of V Perfumes, stated that “We are delighted to have Fex as our brand ambassador. He enjoys huge attraction and is among the most famous personalities in the region. With social media becoming more influential than ever, we decided to relate with the most significant figure on the platform that has taken the region by storm. Aziz Almarzooqi will take center stage in the upcoming campaigns to launch the brand's new line of fragrances.”

“Recently V Perfumes functions a chain of 22 retail outlets throughout the UAE and we are releasing seven new outlets soon in Oman. We own two dozen famous perfumery brands and showcase some of the most known brands in our outlets. Beginning with the collaboration with Fex, we are introducing a new series of modern perfumes in our portfolio titled ‘Fex Fragrance Collections’,” he mentioned.

Asserting on his collaboration with V Perfumes, Aziz Almarzooqi stated, “I am glad with the new task and responsibility that this agreement will bring to the retailer in line with plans to extend its network throughout the region. Making use of the power of digital media and the popularity, I will explore more to assist the brand with possibilities to connect with the youth.”

“A part of the estimated investment will be spent on development of our e-commerce platforms www.vperfumes.com / www.vperfumes.ae in line with our strategies to give a boost to our online presence worldwide and improve customer experience and add functionality both in-store and online. Our purpose is to position V Perfumes as a fast, reliable and affordable e-store for individual customers who regularly shop online,” Mr. Faizal concluded.




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