Avalon Pharmaceuticals Announces International Partnership with City Pharmacy

Saudi pharmaceutical powerhouse Avalon Pharma is widening its international footprint with a strategic partnership with UAE pharmaceutical leader City Pharmacy.

Avalon Pharmaceuticals, a rapidly growing indigenous pharmaceutical company in Saudi Arabia, has unveiled its strategic collaboration with regional leader City Pharmacy. With a 25-year history rooted in Saudi Arabia, Avalon Pharmaceuticals has been dedicated to excellence in the health, beauty, and prescription medicine sectors. The company is poised to embark on a new phase of partnerships within the industry, commencing with a key collaboration with City Pharmacy.

This collaboration aims to expand Avalon's presence across the GCC by offering its products at City Pharmacy's retail locations in the UAE. As part of Avalon's recent international expansion strategy, marked by acceleration, catalyzation, and expansion, the company has announced plans for several new global partnerships.

Mohamed Maher Alghannam, Managing Director & CEO of Avalon Pharma, stated, "Having achieved considerable success in the Kingdom, we are now focusing on a comprehensive international expansion plan. Partnering with City Pharmacy represents a significant stride toward realizing our global ambitions. Our objective is to increase total exports from 10% to 30% by 2030. City Pharmacy's success in the UAE makes them the ideal partner to introduce our products across the Emirates. The recent opening of our regional office in Dubai will undoubtedly contribute to making this partnership a major success for Avalon, City Pharmacy, and our customer base."

City Pharmacy, the largest pharmaceutical distributor in the UAE, boasts a rich history in the Emirates since its founding in 1967. Recognized as the leading distributor of pharmaceuticals, healthcare, and medical equipment in the UAE, City Pharmacy distributes a diverse range of products to consumers.

Avalon's global expansion plans extend beyond the UAE, targeting emerging markets such as Libya, Sudan, Uganda, and Egypt. Additionally, the company aims to explore markets in North Africa and East Asia, leveraging the popularity of the "Made in Saudi" tagline attached to its products—a recognized hallmark in key international markets.

Al Ghannam emphasized, "Our strides in the UAE, coupled with the City Pharmacy partnership, will propel Avalon Pharma towards its goals. By strengthening global awareness of 'Made in Saudi' products, we are creating new opportunities in the GCC and beyond. Positioned for continued expansion within the GCC and across new markets, Avalon Pharma is renowned for its diverse product portfolio, encompassing cosmeceuticals, oral hygiene products, sanitizers, and herbal medicine, with plans to further enrich its product offerings."

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