For All Moonkind, Inc. Announces Formation of International Advisory Council Which Includes an Emirati Member

For All Moonkind, Inc. ( today revealed the development of an International Advisory Council which will develop and execute the nonprofit organization's plan to acquire United Nations security of the six Beauty Lunar Landing Sites and related artefacts. One of the key members of the Advisory Council is Humaid Alshamsi.

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" Though we are based in the US, we are a worldwide organization," stated Michelle Hanlon, United States space legal representative and Co-Founder of For All Moonkind. "Humaid Alshamsi brings significant experience in public and exclusive aviation and room legislation to our team. We are thrilled that he has actually consented to join our initiative."

For All Moonkind was crucial of the public auction by Sotheby's of the Apollo 11 B Contingency Sample Return Bag made use of by astronaut Neil Armstrong. "The astronauts of the Beauty project represented everybody below in the world," discussed aviation and room legal representative and Advisory Council Member Humaid Alshamsi, "they went to the Moon in peace for all, and the antiques of their historic achievement should be shared by all. The loss of this artifact to a private collection agency is a loss for humanity."

" The UAE has securely asserted itself as an energetic player in this new space age," claimed Alshamsi, "my participation in this campaign is due to my experience and passion in aerospace tasks. I intend to that it will certainly urge the Emirati youth to engage in such space efforts."

" We have to appreciate the threat and difficulty intrinsic in room and also identify the hundreds of peoples all over the world who worked to put humankind on the Moon, and continue to function today to allow us reach, or even reside in the stars. I praise personal room initiatives to return to the Moon. However, our future is built on the past, so we should not abandon it," Alshamsi added. "I am recognized to join this innovative worldwide effort and anticipate collaborating with my colleagues to discover a suitable balance and remedy through the United Nations."

For All Moonkind will present its plan to obtain United Nations defense of the six Apollo Lunar Landing Sites and related artefacts at the Starship Congress 2017 in Monterey, California August 7-9.

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