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All about Deira’s Waterfront Market – A pavilion for over 2000 stalls and shops with a stretch of almost 1.9 kilometers along the waterfront.

All about Deira’s Waterfront Market – A pavilion for over 2000 stalls and shops with a stretch of almost 1.9 kilometers along the waterfront.

Why worry about shopping, when you can find all what you need in just a visit to the Waterfront Market

It saves you both your time and effort. A very popular Fish Market once upon a time that was set up in

1958, the new Waterfront Market carries its legacy on. The high-quality products that you get here are produced locally and also are imported from various other places across the globe. Listing the products, you can find varieties of a products starting from seafood, meat, fruits and vegetables, dry food, clothing, accessories and many more.

Fish Market

The fresh catch 
There are high possibilities for a person to be confused in making a choice of the fish he wants to take home as this market has around 400+ vendors selling their fresh catch every single day. You can just name what you want and you get it in your hands. How effortless could that be? Not only that you also get to shop for dry seafood which is set up within the fish market.

Meet Market

Wholesome meat
As soon as you get in you can see all different animal meat cleaned and presented in a very beautiful manner. All the meat available here are sourced from local and regional farms. You also get imported meat be it chicken, lamb, beef or camel. Cubes, strips, kebabs or sausage, the meat will be served to you as you wish. The freshness and quality of the product ensures that it is neat and healthy.

Wares and Greens 
Once you enter the fruits and vegetable market, you can see yourself amidst a very colorful location with more than 150 stalls set up with all the seasonal, regional and imported fruits and vegetables. Leafy vegetables and herbs are also available. You can take back home all what you want and enjoy your plate of salad with a glass of fresh juice. Cheers!

Sweet market

Sweet and Spicy
Are you looking for a place where you could find the traditional spices to add flavors to your food? Waterfront Market is simply your answer. You can shop for the best class of aromatic and quality spices from more than 20 retailers in the market. Honey from the farms of UAE and also abroad are stored in big jars and bottles of which some are even flavored which has medicinal properties as well. 

Handicraft Dubai

Handicraft Galleries
Are you planning to gift your loved ones something special on their special occasions? Or are you thinking about giving your home a makeover, then here you can shop at the stores that sell fascinating pieces of artwork handcrafted by the local artisans which also defines the tradition and culture of this land. They are surely a possession.

Other Essentials
Number of stalls have been set across the wide stretch of area that sells clothing, accessories, footwear, perfumes, electronics etc. You can even go on a window shopping to check out the stalls and the wide range of products available and may be buy some if you find them useful.


Feast at the Waterfront
Once done with your shopping, it’s quite natural for you to get famished. Again, you do not have to think about going to a restaurant on your way back home because you can find enough restaurants and cafes here serving you all kinds of cuisines. All you need to do is to find yourself a place to have your food and also enjoy the serene beauty at the same time.

During Covid 19
You do not have to worry about how safe it is to go for a shopping to the market. All the places here are sanitized at regular intervals of time to maintain hygiene. It is mandatory for all the staffs and customers to wear masks and maintain social distance. Various other regulatory measures have all been adopted to ensure safety of each and every individual.

 So next time you think of taking your family out to spend some quality time with them, Waterfront Market could be one of your options.