• Al Islami Foods Launches Free Home Delivery Program Highlighting Delicious Recipes From Dubai Food Festival Celebrity Chefs
Al Islami Foods Launches Free Home Delivery Program Highlighting Delicious Recipes From Dubai Food Festival Celebrity Chefs

Al Islami Foods, the UAE's premier halal food company - and a major sponsor of the 2017 Dubai Food Festival - introduced today a unique house delivery program that offers top quality Al Islami Premium products direct to consumers, bypassing the supermarket altogether. Three different residence distribution plans are readily available, each highlighting a various recipe prepared by among Al Islami's celebrity chefs, Chef Francesco, Chef Roya or Chef Bella.

Packages are valued at AED 55, an AED 20 discount rate from regular retail. Delivery is complimentary and is usually completed within 24-hours of order. This minimal time deal is only available throughout the Dubai Food Festival, which ends on 11 March. Orders ca
n be placed at www.alislamikitchen.com.

Packages were developed to assist home cooks develop the custom-made recipes included at this year's Dubai Food Festival. They are: Chef Francisco Box: Frozen Chicken Griller (1000gm), Frozen Hen Griller (800gm), Frozen Hen Drumsticks (900gm), Frozen Chicken Half Breast (450gm) and Frozen Tender Hen Bust (1kg). Chef Roya Box: Al Islami Costs Frozen Beef Burger Bag (1kg), Al Islami Premium Frozen Hen Hamburger Bag (1kg), Al Islami Premium Frozen Beef burgers (400gm), Al Islami Premium Frozen Chicken Burgers (400gm), Al Islami Premium Frozen Chicken Nuggets (280gm), Al Islami Costs Frozen Chicken Shish Kebab (280gm) and Frozen Cheese Samosa (240gm).Chef Bella Box (ideal for youngsters): Frozen Crunchy Hen Popcorn (500gm), Fun Shaped Nuggets (1kg), Icy Beef Mini Burgers (900gm), Frozen Chicken Nuggets (450gm), Chicken Franks with Cheese (1kg), Chicken Franks (340g x 3), Al Islami Premium Frozen Chicken Burger Bag (750gm).

Chef Francisco Araya is an acclaimed culinary educator and the director of Dubai's School of Culinary and Finishing Arts. During Dubai Food Festival Chef Francisco will lead courses and presentations highlighting the most popular existing trend in food, road food and food vehicles. Chef Roya Tarzaban is a chef and dish designer with an interest for healthier and visually appealing recipes. At Dubai Food Festival Chef Roya will certainly lead courses on adding exhilaration and energy to old recipes. Chef Bella is a teen-phenom in the kitchen area, a YouTube individuality, and celebrity of the Al Islami Children Club. During her time at Dubai Food Festival Chef Bella will certainly help junior cooks understand fundamental food preparation abilities while learning about healthy and healthy recipes.

" This is our second year as a sponsor of Dubai Food Festival, the region's ultimate celebration of food for every person that loves it," said Ivy Dela Cruz, Al Islami Foods Communications Manager. "One of the major points we hear from site visitors is the desire making these Dubai Food Festival recipes at home. As any one of our cooks will certainly tell you, the most effective dishes start with high quality components, so we have actually developed these Al Islami Premium Products plans so home chefs can recreate the delicious tastes they experience at the festival.".

All cooking demonstrations and classes will occur at the Al Islami Kitchen inside the Etisalat Beach Canteen at the Dubai Food Festival, situated on Kite Coastline behind Sunset Shopping center. A full lineup of cooks and classes is readily available at www.alislamikitchen.com.




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