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Ahead of Expo 2020, US-Headquartered Global Business Owners’ Network Corporate Connections Debuts in UAE

Corporate Connections, the Charlotte-headquartered international network of business owners and C-Level executives, has launched its first chapter in the UAE. This falls in line with line with Dubai’s strategies to connect with the world and speed up business growth with the Expo 2020. The chapter in Dubai is Corporate Connections’ first in the region.

Corporate Connections offers international business leaders the perfect setting for producing excellent and measurable outcomes via executive networking opportunities. The global community of networking has active chapters in USA, Canada, Switzerland, Japan, India, Mexico and growing. The company connects successful business executives, who are active in high-performance groups that focus on advanced referral, relationship marketing and networking strategies.

Established in 2004, the premier platform for accelerating executive-level connections is facilitating largescale businesses develop by constructing referrals producing relationships for hundreds of members across the world. Corporate Connections offers a world business network, resources and developmental opportunities for members with huge scope and performance.

Commenting on the launch of the organization, Mr. Robert Gervais, Global President, Corporate Connections, said, “We are glad to launch here in the UAE, as the part of expanding operations throughout the Middle East. Our aim is to assist the world of business and individuals proceed to flourish by offering participants with a well-structured referral business development system based on relationships. The UAE is an ideal country with visionary rulers and modern minded business leaders with entrepreneurial zeal. At times, these leaders sense lonely at the top and are lacking the organization and counsel of like-minded business owners. The UAE is a business hub and, hence, the value of connections is higher.”

“The members of first Corporate Connections chapter in the UAE represent a extensive vary of businesses – from hardware resources to chemical materials and automotive sales to manufacturing. We recognize that the number of networking organizations is restrained in the region. The target profile for Corporate Connections is a business proprietor or a C-Level executive, who is in business for over five years and a top line of over US $5 million. Most importantly, we are attracting people who have an ‘abundance’ mindset,” he added.

Mr. Chirantan Joshi, National Director – UAE, Corporate Connections, said, “Networking helps to accelerate business growth via business opportunities and recommendations. Networking is a relationship building process and we know that people do business with people they like and trust. Active networking will increase your circle of connections and thus your chance for growth. I would say that networking can help you accelerate business growth.”

According to Joshi, networking accrues tangible benefits in terms of business opportunities however also builds companies’ social capital that are goodwill, friends, peer groups and emotional intelligence. “Corporate Connections provide its members solutions based on four major desires that consist of increasing business opportunities via qualified introductions, upskilling members via learning and development events, peer advisory via master mind sessions, and building international connections by giving access to the members in different countries,” he added.

The members of Corporate Connections get the chance to improve business relationships, attain access to advanced professional development opportunities and to take part in peer advisory groups. The organisation’s proven model helps executives construct strategic and tactical relationships via a structured and supportive surroundings comprised of other successful business executives. The members meet twice a month to build relationships and trust in a structured and tested format which ultimately helps them to get tangible and intangible personal and business benefits.




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