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ABCC Cultural Director Wins UNESCO Prize

ABCC Cultural Director Wins UNESCO Prize

  • UNESCO Prize

The Arab-Brazilian Chamber of Cultural Director Silvia Alice Antibas won the 2019 UNESCO-Sharjah Reward for Arab Culture in a historic triumph that was announced by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). Antibas, who was just one of the recipients, is the first Brazilian female to get the honor.

She and also the various other winners were identified for their contributions to and success in aiding spread awareness of Arab art as well as culture around the globe.

Over the past thirty years, the historian has dedicated her profession to advertising a much deeper understanding of the Arab society in Latin America, with an emphasis on Arab movement to Brazil. She also advertised the jobs of lots of Brazilian-born authors of Arab descent by having their work of arts converted into Arabic.

Antibas said: "My operate at the Secretariat for Culture of the State of São Paulo has actually permitted me to promote the Arab culture in Brazil. The board has actually always been supportive of me, and also, for that, I am grateful. My admiration additionally mosts likely to the ABCC for supplying the system for me to connect with vital people outside the nation. The ABCC, which has actually long realized the significance of society in relationships between various individuals, has actually always provided the room for me to host talks as well as conferences."

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