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Payroll Coordinator



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Payroll Coordinator
Publish Date 09/02/2019
Employment Type:
Full Time
Salary Not Disclosed
Dubai / UAE
Education Level:
Bachelors Degree
Work experience
2 Year

- Salary upload element wise (Recurring and Non-recurring elements).

- Collecting Principal companies’ salary details and updating in system.
Salary details from respective principal companies are collected.
The Principal companies are sending details to HR/Finance in the format specified by HR with company Employee code and segregation of Fixed and Variables salaries.
They also specify for the cheque payment employees.

- Creating annexures for Debit Notes for the Principal companies.
- Leave salary process and Airfare payment.
Leave salary advance for leaves spanning two payroll periods
Leave salary advance for the same payroll period

- Preparing the Payroll Control Sheets and Reports for Pharmatrade and Principals.
After every payroll run, The control reports for company, Principal and Group companies are created to tally are reconcile the system payroll with the WPS files every month.

- Run costing and generate the costing detailed and costing summary reports.
At the end a Costing Summary and Detailed reports are prepared to reconcile with the GL.

- Recoveries (HRA loan, DIP, Medical, Car, Personal, Pension).
Recoveries are generally for one or for limited payroll periods, depending on the requirement.

- Sales Incentives/Commission, Business Expenses and Schooling Allowances.
These are non-recurring elements which are added in one payroll period. The dates of the pay period are determined by the payroll to which employee is assigned.

- WPS reports and SIF Files generation employer wise for each of the 5 payrolls.
After the payroll is run successfully in system, the WPS (Wages Protection System) and SIF (Salary Information File) files are generated to be submitted to Bank for further salary payments from Bank.

- Updating company Budget vs. Actuals Report every month.
Budget vs. Actuals reports are created for company to track the budgeted amount, head counts, leavers and joiners and the variance in each department and also help plans for future costs.

- Payslips generation.
At the end of the payroll processes the pay slips are sent to each one of the Payrolls run.

- Creation of Jobs and Positions for all Organizations.

- Maintaining costing for 50% & 100% principal staffs as well as for company staffs.
For Principal staff the costing is at assignment level only, whether they are 100% or 50% sharing staff.
For Principal staff the costing is at assignment level only, whether they are 100% or 50% sharing staff.

- Year-end jobs :
New Salary uploads (All fixed elements) in the system.
Running PTO Carry Over program.
Generating Leave Balance, Gratuity and Budget Reports for company and other group companies.

- Providing with necessary payroll related files for Audit procedures.

- Communicating with the HR Department to ensure the integrity of the payroll data and making updates as necessary.

- Resolving questions from employees related to their salaries, HRA and other payroll information.

- Communicating with IT department in case of any new requirement or change needed to fetch data related to payroll work.

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