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Publish Date 21/03/2019
Employment Type:
Full Time
Salary Not Disclosed
Dubai / UAE
Education Level:
Bachelors Degree
Work experience
3 Year

 Ensuring pool rules are being observed.
 The lock down of the premises with complete inspection after normal working hours.
 Check identification and prohibit entry of unauthorized person.
 Maintain, manage and safe keep lost and found items.
 To keep vigil and taking care of the swimming pool premises.
 To present the outward of the swimming pool to handle any kind of accident.
 To present there to ensure the safety of the people who use the swimming pool.
 To control access of public to the swimming pool on the basis of the time schedule of the pool.
 To supervise and monitor daily functioning of the swimming pool.
 To provide first aid if required.
 To keep safe swimming pool premises by carrying-out external patrols as per requirement.
 To answer pool users regarding the safety measures and the proper use of the pool.
 To provide safety equipment to kids, children and learners.
 To keep proper pool maintenance records.
 To report to the concerned persons regarding

Desired Candidate Profile
 Be punctual on duty
 Ensure that the pool deck is not used for any other purpose
 Swimming pool, Gym, Sauna and steam (where applicable) is secured when not in us
 Report the concerned superior by submitting the check list properly filled if any faults or out of order of the equipments, security lights or any other maintenance requirements noticed
 Ensure that the swimming pool & pool deck rooms are always clean and well maintained.
 Ensure that adequate number of safety equipments is provided for all persons using the swimming pool facilities.
 Ensure that First aid box with medicines is provided at swimming pool.
 Ensure that Life ring and lift shall be provided adjacent to pools always.
 Ensure that Swimming pool signboards clearly mentioned the general and safety guide lines to be adhered to by all users
 Reinforce the general and safety guidelines by all users.
 Follow the procedures and CPR as and when it require.
 Ensure the pool regulations and instructions being followed by the pool users.
 Report all maintenance and pool related requirements to the concerned supervisor or Maintenance Company.
Swimming Pool Cleaning and Maintenance
 Ensure the concerned maintenance Company carry out swimming pool maintenance and the filtration and disinfectant system and the same must be logged in the checklist.
 Ensure a swimming pool contractor takes water samples to check chlorine, Ph and temperature levels. These should be registered in the logbook.

LG should able to produce the below document as a part of Recruitment checklist.

Dubai Lifeguard license (DAC) – valid 2 years.
High field International Lifeguard license (UK) – valid for 2 years.
Emergency first aid certificate – valid 3 years.

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