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Desalination Engineer



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Desalination Engineer
Publish Date 21/03/2019
Employment Type:
Full Time
$2,001 - $5,000
Dubai / UAE
Education Level:
Bachelors Degree
Work experience
6 Year

Job Summary:-
Desalination engineer shall be responsible for the engineering manager, the equipment technical management, work summary and experience feedback of one or more projects, normal work mainly included as Quality control, Schedule control, Document control.

Task & Responsibility:-

1 Responsible for decomposing the desalination of the EPC technical contract to ensure that the design meets the requirements of the EPC contract;
2 Responsible for the review of technical specifications in the bidding process of mechanical equipment;
3 Responsible for the design management of the project;
4 Responsible for the mechanical design interface management of the project;
5 Organize the review of process drawings, and supervise the revision and improvement;
6 Responsible for the coordination of process technology with owner and consulting company
7 Responsible for the coordination of the technical cooperation between the designer and the supplier, and the cooperation of the input data between the equipment and the design interface;
8 Responsible for organizing design meeting;
9 Assist relevant departments to coordinate and supervise the progress of mechanical design drawings;
10 Responsible for compiling technical changes of mechanical equipment ordering contract;
11 Review changes in mechanical design;
12 Responsible for recording, sorting and saving engineering technical data.
13 Responsible for the clarification and evaluation of the bidding process of mechanical equipment;
14 Responsible for signing technical agreements of mechanical equipment;
15 Responsible for coordinating the design input collection of mechanical equipment manufacturers;
16 Organize the review of mechanical vendor's drawings (excluding commissioning, operation and maintenance manuals, etc.);
17 Coordinate with mechanical equipment manufacturers to deal with the technical issue.
18 Record and sort out the project mechanical technical data;
19 Summarizing and analyzing the mechanical technology of the project;
20 Feedback of mechanical experience in project implementation;
21 Desalination system research;
22 Desalination equipment technical research.
Desired Candidate Profile
Minimum 6+ years of experience in EPC projects or operating industrial facilities in a cost and risk management position including some field experience required with a minimum of 3 years in the Middle East region preferred.
Must have Professional and technical experience in Desalination Plant.

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