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Corporate Safety and Security Professional Level 3 (P3)



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Corporate Safety and Security Professional Level 3 (P3)
Publish Date 18/01/2019
Employment Type:
Full Time
Dubai / UAE
Education Level:
High-School / Secondary
Work experience

Job Purpose:
Corporate Safety and Security Professional (CSSP) Level 3 (L3) is a senior position within Frontier Services Group's (FSG) Safety and Security (SAFSEC) team. A P3 supports and manages the coordination of safety and security efforts across the company, including; Global policies and procedures, risk management, physical security programs, crime prevention, information technology, compliance programs, crisis and emergency management, other safety and security related initiatives and standards.
Responsibilities (functions and duties):
1)To act as the subject matter expert (SME) on multiple safety and security-related functions within the business.
2)To support and manage all areas of the project life cycle to include; business development and client liaison, proposal writing and development, project costing and budgeting, project management and delivery.
3)To deliver on strategic safety and security-related projects and programs as required. Delivery may be for internal or externals. These projects and programs will likely include the delivery of;
--Physical security reviews, audits, and risk assessments.
--Development of safety and security-related plans, procedures, and SOPs.
--Close protection.
--Education and training, including; travel security, crisis management, and hostile environment.
4)To deliver on strategic projects and programs in your nominated specialist area to include but not limited to; AVSEC, Port security, Crisis Management & Business Continuity, Risk assessments based on ISO 31000 and API SVA methodology, etc.
5)Guide, supervise and manage SAFSEC team members and project managers to ensure appropriate safety and security support to SAFSEC programs and projects is provided.
6)Identify, document and manage key risks and objectives within your department or region, consistent with the corporate safety and security strategy.
7)Assist and manage the development and implementation of the Global safety and security policy, standards, guidelines and procedures to ensure ongoing maintenance of security.
8)Develop and maintain local country security risk assessments and country plans, including; crisis management, evacuation and travel security plans and SOPs.
9)Investigate incidents to include security breaches and make recommendations.
Note: Role dependent - P3s may also be required to maintain relationships with provincial, local, state and national law enforcement and other related government agencies.
a)Should have a minimum of 4 years' military or law enforcement service.
b)Should also have a minimum of 7 years' corporate security experience and should be able to demonstrate experience and knowledge of ISO 31000 methodology. They should also be able to provide examples of the practical application of skills in areas such as security reviews, audits and risk assessments.
2 years international security experience in Asia, the Middle East and / or Africa.
Note: consideration will be given to personnel who have not served in the military or law enforcement if they have additional and appropriate experience in international corporate security.
High school graduate.
Generalist security qualification such as; Certified Protection Professional (CPP), Physical Security Professional (PSP), Certified Security Management Professional (CSMP).
Specialist security qualification / certificate such as; AVSEC, API SVA methodology, ISO 31000 certification, ISO 23001, etc.
Project management qualification such as PRINCE2 or Association for Project Management (APM) project management qualification (PMQ).
Membership of the American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS).
Bachelor's degree, preferably in related safety and security field.
Specialist knowledge required:
Will have a working knowledge of at least two of the following languages: English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Arabic, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Swahili, or other indigenous languages of Africa or Asia.
Must have adequate IT skills and demonstrate the ability to use software such as Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint.
Must have professional knowledge of project management and proposal writing.
Must have intermediate level finance skills, enabling budget planning for projects.
Should have experience and knowledge of evaluating, developing and managing safety and security training programs.
Additional Requirements:
Must be able to obtain and maintain a security clearance.
Must be able to pass the FSG fitness test.
Willingness to deploy to high threat and frontier environments where shift work will be required. Candidates may express a preference to deploy to specific projects or countries for which the terms and conditions of employment will be appropriate.

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