• Bovory Pays Tribute to God's Beautiful Creations
Bovory Pays Tribute to God's Beautiful Creations

It's natural. It's fresh. It's Bovory's latest variety of bags - the Realist. The new bag is a unique principle, embracing all the beauty of the earth, seas, nature, animals and human beings.

The bags are handcrafted from the world's finest cow natural leathers and developed to perfection. They embody natural elements with a splash of vibrant flowers that you could virtually smell. One passionate client defined them as 'items of natural appeal where the planet meets the skies'. True to Bovory's values they appeal to the hearts and minds of women from all communities. Bovory handbags are instantly recognizable by their sumptuous

Bovory bags are instantaneously well-known by their sumptuous beauty and unique character. The name is derived from the words Ebony and Cream color which represent the two broad global neighborhoods. They are both refined and abundant with in-depth natural leather workmanship that expects of a high road brand.

Best way to see the Bovory Realist array is to go to the Ebony and Cream color showroom on the Marina Stroll, Dubai.




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