Yoga cafe in Dubai

Yoga cafe in Dubai

Life’n One is a well-being center in Dubai founded by Eda Gungor in late 2014. “Well-being” is a relatively new concept in UAE; when you search for the dictionary meaning of well-being, you find “the state of being comfortable, healthy, or happy,” and synonyms include “welfare, health, good health, happiness, comfort, security, safety, protection, prosperity, profit, good, success, fortune.”
Altogether, these words reflect values that are important for all of us to have or achieve in our lives. “Well-being” sums up pretty much what Life’n One brings to the community.

Eda’s passion and dedication is to constantly hone her skills in guiding people to connect to their own joyful potential. Eda has pursued a lifetime of experiences and decided the best way to honor the body is to holistically challenge it while treating it divinely. As an enthusiastic citizen of the world, Eda lives her happiness in such a genuine way that leaving her center will leave you spiritually and physically uplifted.

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