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Live Webinar Discussion - How microorganisms living in your gut drive your health?

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Live Webinar Discussion - How microorganisms living in your gut drive your health?

Venue: Online
Website: https://genefitletics.com/webinar
Address: The Dubai Mall Dubai


Hey folks, have you ever wondered why in spite of such an advanced healthcare system, 9% of the global adult population suffer from diabetes? Why does 10% of the female adult population suffer from PCOS? Why do heart diseases account for 1/3rd of deaths? Why 41 million die premature deaths every year due to chronic diseases?
The fact of the matter is our current healthcare model only makes money when we are sick & they want to keep us sick by managing our symptoms through fad diets, medications, antibiotics & regular diagnosis rather than curing diseases.
It is time we need to reinvent how we look at disease cures. The current healthcare system needs to be rebuilt based on human biology to learn how our body works, how to run it optimally & fix issues effectively without any collateral damage when something goes wrong.
The fact is our body has 25,000 human genes & around 2 to 20 million bacteria genes- therefore by genes count we are only 1% human. Since our genes do not change for life, diseases are caused not by our genes but by biological functions which are influenced by how these genes are expressed. 99% of genes that are expressed are not of our own. Microbes living in our gut digest everything we eat & as a result releases either beneficial metabolites that improves our health or harmful byproducts that leads to inflammation & makes us chronically ill. We can control how these genes are expressed by modifying what we eat & therefore we have the ability to prevent & reverse chronic diseases.
Want to know how we are decoding this omics biology science to make these microbes in our gut work in favor of our health? This 29th July, join our fireside chat to learn about these invisible friends living inside your gut.

Registration details here: https://genefitletics.com/webinar/