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How to Plan Family Meals for Busy Parents

  • Nutritionist In Abu Dhabi

How to Plan Family Meals for Busy Parents

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Website: https://www.perfectbalance.ae/dietetics-nutrition
Address: Level 21, Tamouh Tower, Marina Square, Reem Island, 112457 Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirate Abu Dhabi


Are you worried that of your family's nutrition needs while being a parent-on-the-go? Fret not!
Join our free webinar on Friday, 4pm with Jeanne who is the Head of Dietetics at Perfect Balance. When it comes to food, Jeanne - Nutritionist In Abu Dhabi knows that unraveling amounts of information are confusing for most, that restrictive diets almost always do more harm than good, and that change needs equal parts of awareness, motivation, and skills.
Jeanne's professional expertise and practical ideas helped thousands of people improve meal logistics, eat mindfully and intuitively, and improve their relationship with food and their body. She is also a passionate advocate of traditional foods and sustainability.