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‘The Gallery’ at Emaar Pavilion reflects on the ‘History of Design’

‘The Gallery’ at Emaar Pavilion reflects on the ‘History of Design’

‘The Gallery’ at Emaar Pavilion is hosting its third unique exhibition titled ‘History of Design’, open until January 3, 2015. The city’s newest art central, located in Downtown Dubai, presents the evolution of design from the late 19th century to contemporary times with a showcase of furniture including several vintage and retro collections, as well as photographs and illustrations that chart the evolution of modern furniture concepts.

Four pieces of furniture on display are the highlight of the ‘History of Design’ exhibition. These are designed by influential and avant-garde artists Joe Colombo, Geoffrey Harcourt, Jean-Pierre Laporte and Louis Durot with their respective armchairs ‘Elda’ (1963), ‘Two-Seater’ (1966), ‘Esox’ (1971) and ‘Spirale’ armchair (1972) - courtesy of Les Arts Décoratifs Museum (France) and La Galerie Nationale (UAE).

The exhibits provide compelling insights into the evolution of aesthetics in design, the new geometries and symmetries adopted in interiors and furniture, and the trends in use of colours and textures.

‘History of Design’ transitions through different eras and styles, illustrating New Art, Modernism, Pop Art, Art Deco, the Googie movement, High Tech Architecture and finally Neo-Futurism.

Earlier a symbol of power, luxury and fashion, as defined by royalty, furniture today also takes into consideration ergonomics and wellness, in addition to design aesthetics and functionality. It is described by Le Corbusier (1887 – 1965) as “an extension of our limbs and adapted to human functions”

‘The Gallery’ at Emaar Pavilion complements the ongoing development of The Opera District, a vibrant cultural destination in Downtown Dubai, anchored by the iconic Dubai Opera, a multipurpose venue for opera, theatre, concerts, art exhibitions, orchestra, film, sports events and seasonal programmes.

It is an essential component of Emaar Pavilion, a dedicated centre showcasing all of Emaar’s iconic projects. Marked by an ambience of innovation that is fuelled by creativity and ambition, Emaar Pavilion also serves as Emaar’s dedicated sales centre.

  • ‘The Gallery’ at Emaar Pavilion reflects on the ‘History of Design’
Emaar Pavilion, Downtown Dubai
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