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Free seminar on International Trade Finance

Free seminar on International Trade Finance

Venue: Zabeel International Institute of Management & technology
Phone: 971503068426
Website: https://zabeelinstitute.ae/free-seminar-demystifying-international-trade-finance-methods-of-payment-and-letter-of-credit/
Address: Al Khallafi Building ,Suite # M-12 Between RAK Bank and Day to Day Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Street Dubai


Program Description / Seminar overview

This Seminar takes you on a journey, cruising through the intricate and Complex World of International Trade Finance takes up the issues which are important both to Exporter and importer.
Various tools of International Trade Finance available and helping you in choosing what is best for your business.
What are the different options of methods of payments mechanism available while finalizing an International Payment deal.
Select and employ right type of payment method.
Compare the costs and risks associated with the different options.
If LC to be used then choosing the right type of LC.
Utilizing the correct payment terms.
Significantly improve the payment turnaround time..

Targeted Audience:

• Heads of Finance/ Export Sales/International Marketing Departments
• Accounting /Finance/Sales/Marketing Staff
• Supply Chain Managers
• Bankers working in Trade Finance Departments or the Bankers interested in working in the Trade Finance Department
• Fresh Graduates/Postgraduates
• Professionals handling the Export import Operations in the Trading companies/ Multinational companies
• Business Owners (Exporter / Importer
• Internal and External Auditors for who this knowledge of Trade Finance will provide edge to their auditing skill set.
• Risk manager and Risk Management Officers

Learning Outcome:

It is all about getting paid. Yes, How to ensure payments in the International Trade . What is the point of entering into a sales agreement if the buyer does not pay, the seller and either party walks away unhappy.
The seminar teaches you how to make a sale that guarantees that the seller gets paid and the buyer gets the finance options
1. Risks faced by importer and exporter in International Trade
2. Risk of Payments and their Mitigation
3. Methods of Payments in International Trade:
• Advance Payments
• Open Account
• Documentary Collection (sight and Usance )
• Documentary Credits
4. Letter of Credit Mechanism
5. Types of Letters of Credit

Topic Covered:

Risks faced by importer and exporter in International Trade
Risk of Payments and their Mitigation
Methods of Payments in International Trade:
• Advance Payments
• Open Account
• Documentary Collection (sight and Usance )
• Documentary Credits
Letter of Credit Mechanism
Types of Letters of Credit

Why Should I attend the seminar?

This Seminar provides a Foundation for understanding different aspects of International trade Finance in Global Context, focusing mainly on the risks and their mitigation both for exporters and Importer and also on the various tools available to facilitate the payment process.
Attending the Seminar means:

• As the CFO / Departmental Head in my company, I get an overview of the mechanism of the International Trade finance in capsule form and I can decide on whether I want to take up the deeper understanding of the issues.
• As Banking and Commercial Professional this Seminar will help me to expand my knowledge base, enhance my expertise and advance my careers into International trade Finance.
• As fresh Graduates and postgraduate , I want to see how international Certifications in Trade Finance Field can provide weight to my Resume to en able me to land up jobs in the prestigious Trade Finance Departments of the companies or the Banks
• As a professional already handling the trade finance operations , this seminar focusses on the issues being handled by me and helps me in eliminating the mistakes being committed by me.
• As an External and internal auditor, the knowledge gained in this seminar will help me in understanding the working and auditing of all these exporting and importing trading firms and companies.
• As a Business owner this is an excellent opportunity for me to gain knowledge about letter of credits and other tools of Trade Finance. This will empower me to negotiate better terms at the time of finalizing the Sales contracts
• As an Entrepreneur who is ready to explore the world of international Trade, this Seminar comes at the right time to provide me guidance and understanding of the international Trade Finance.

Event Venue Details:

Date: 10 /07/19
Time: 6.00pm to 8.00pm
Location: Bur Dubai
What’s app number: 971505358421/ 971508429092
Email Id: airline@zabeelinstitute.ae