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Expat Leadership Forum

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Expat Leadership Forum

Venue: UAE
Website: https://www.micequotient.com/expat-leadership-forum/
Address: Conference Dubai


The Last 20 Years Have Been Phenomenal for the United Arab Emirates in Terms of Commercial Advancement and Prosperity Necessitating the Importation of Large Number of Large Number of Expatriate Managers to Oversee Expanding Networks of Industries and Manage Rapid Growth. The UAE is Home to More Than 200 Nationalities. Millions of Expatriates Are Attracted to the UAE by a Dynamic Job a Market and Fast Paced Carrier Growth. The Economic Model of the UAE is Built on the Presence of Foreign Residents Who Comprise About 80% of the Population.

The UAE is Emerging as a Global Power With Greater Emphasis on Technology, Global Trade and Tourism in the Nation’s Administrative Policies and International Relationships. Given That Expatriates Constitute Both a Key Resource to UAE and a Significant Cost Driver in Driving the County Towards Becoming a Global Business Powerhouses, the UAE is Quite Progressive and Has Recently Introduced New Policies to Make It Much Easier for Expats and Businesses to Move There and Stay Longer Term. The UAE Federal Government Announced a New Ten-year Residence Visa for International Investors and Professionals in Medical, Research, Scientific and Technical Fields Last Year. The Visas Were Also Extend to Family Members, Encouraging Long-term Relocation to the Emirates. The Government Leaves No Stone Unturned in Taking Care of the Expats Who Are Magnetized by Its Tranquility and Prosperity. However, Due to the Unique, Hybrid Nature of UAE Organizations as a Result of Established Traditions and the Influx of Foreign Managers, Other Complex Issues Have Cropped Up.

At the Cusp of Conjuring Minds Between United Arab Emirates Increasingly Becoming a Hotspot for Expats and Businesses Striving to Establish a Solid Footprint to Benefit From Its Position as a Regional Hub, Mice Quotient is Glad to Announce “Expat Leadership Forum” on a Virtual Platform.
The ” Expat Leadership Forum ” Aims at Bringing Together 100+ People Together Along With 25+ Speakers Who Will Aim at Discussing the Nuances Faced by Expats in UAE. This Platform Will Forearmed Individuals and Business Regarding Cultural and Leadership Complexities, Making a More Rapid Contribution to Their Work Function and Environment in UAE.
The Summit Will Benefit All the Leaders Who Believe Making a Change by Their Leadership Styles No Matter Where They Are.